Strategic Priorities Forum


October 1, 2012

8:30 am - 2:45 pm (Students' Union Building - Ballrooms 3rd Floor)

This event has now finished.


In the Spring of 2012, the President's Task Force on Budget Process Review consulted the university community about the current budget process and areas of strength as well as areas for improvement.  Please view the Final Report for further information on the Task Force and their findings.

The Task Force heard from a number of people that there was not an annual open forum for the university community to hear the strategic priorities of senior administration, faculties, and unit leaders.  The Task Force also heard that there was a disconnect between the current budget process and strategic planning in general.

The Strategic Priorities Forum was created so that the Strategic Planning Committee, members of senior administration, and the university community as a whole may be informed of the strategic priorities of university leaders.