The University of Lethbridge is committed to the following fundamental principles.

1. Our Commitment to Society

We cultivate responsible citizenship. The University develops and promotes good citizens who contribute to the building of better societies by applying their knowledge, skills, creativity, and powers of critical inquiry for the improvement of regional and global communities.

We protect and encourage free inquiry and expression. In keeping with the unique mandate of the university in society, the University of Lethbridge supports and protects artistic expression and the free and open scholarly discussion of issues, including those that are controversial. In the tradition of academic freedom, the University models collegial and civil debate, dissent, and controversy to critically explore and resolve issues in an atmosphere of professionalism, respect, and good will. We also have an obligation to address long-term issues and those of broad scope.

We work for the public good. As a public institution, the University of Lethbridge promotes and provides degree-level education for the public good and anticipates and responds to societal needs. The University bases its decisions about programs, standards, and capacity on the best available evidence. Within that context, we use innovative methods and processes to optimize the openness of the institution to qualified students.

We are connected with the community. The University publicizes its research, scholarship, creative activities, and other initiatives that have significance for society. Members of the University contribute to the community based on their professional expertise. The University develops relationships with organizations and individuals, and shares its facilities and resources for the good of the community. We acknowledge faculty, staff, students, and alumni for initiative and creativity that leads to the increased involvement of the University in the community.

The University of Lethbridge values its close and mutually supportive relationship with its alumni, who exemplify the benefits of the University and communicate its value locally, provincially, nationally, and globally.

We adopt a global perspective. Social, political, and economic divisions across the globe threaten the peace and prosperity of all. We nourish a global mindset in our students, faculty, staff, and alumni that facilitates cultural awareness and sensitivity that leads to a mature understanding and appreciation of the things that divide and unite us.

We promote diversity and ensure equal opportunity for participation. Diversity strengthens the University and enriches the experience of our students, staff, faculty members, and alumni. We respect, appreciate, and encourage diversity, and provide equal opportunity for full participation in the University. We are an inclusive community, in which students, staff, faculty members, and alumni feel welcome, respected, valued, and empowered to contribute fully. The University facilitates accessibility by all students, staff, faculty members, and alumni to the intellectual, physical, and social aspects of the institution.

We promote gender equity. The University of Lethbridge honours the rights of all and treats people with dignity and respect. We acknowledge the similarities and differences among women and men, and seek to remove all barriers that inhibit an individual’s aspirations and potential. The University will create a supportive environment through education and communication. Equity is inclusive.

We increase the participation of FNMI peoples in all aspects of the University community. The University of Lethbridge values its relationship with FNMI peoples, and collaborates widely to develop programs that are relevant and available to them. We work with FNMI peoples to ensure that these partnerships, and the resulting programs, continue to meet all students’ needs.

We promote a healthy lifestyle for our students, faculty, and staff. The U of L offers proactive health education, on-site health care, and health insurance information. We work to provide non-judgmental and confidential health care in a safe and caring environment. University facilities and programs provide opportunities to participate in sport, exercise, and recreation.

2. Our Commitment to Creativity, Inquiry, and Discovery

We encourage and support research, scholarship, and creative work. The University of Lethbridge stimulates and supports research, scholarship, and creative work in all areas in which we teach, and in areas of special relevance to the region and province. This link between research and teaching allows us to explore what is known, challenge how it is known, and thus influence the nature of teaching. We value and protect an environment of free inquiry in which to conduct research, scholarship, and creative work, and communicate the results of these activities with others.

We conduct ourselves on the basis of informed, evidence-based practice. We encourage students at all levels to become involved in research, scholarship, and creative activity. We conduct research in many forms.

Given the range of disciplines involved, research at the University takes many forms, including that with the broadest scope and longest term. The University has a responsibility to analyze and reflect on these matters, and to communicate the outcome of these efforts.

We believe that research—intellectual inquiry, study, and artistic investigation aimed at establishing facts and reaching new conclusions—is an inherent societal good and an end in itself. But, wherever possible, we connect our research to the needs and aspirations of the communities we serve.

3. Our Commitment to Students

We give students the best preparation for their future. The University of Lethbridge provides students with a liberal education—a solid foundation for personal and professional growth. Liberal education promotes the development of academic skills that students can apply to a wide range of experiences, and a broad base of knowledge in the human, aesthetic, ethical, scientific, and organizational disciplines. It encourages a multi-faceted, reflective approach to the complex challenges of the 21st century.

We strive to develop a culture of achievement and motivation among students. The U of L helps students to identify strengths and overcome weaknesses. We seek to foster: a sense of responsibility for students’ learning and personal development; effective student relations to peers and teachers; and student involvement in local, provincial, and national communities.

We are student-centred. Students give focus and meaning to the University of Lethbridge. The University helps students achieve their full potential by facilitating their intellectual growth and academic and personal excellence. To this end, the University maintains high academic standards and excellent programs, supported by high-quality, responsive services.

The University of Lethbridge supports and encourages the growth of students as whole persons, in an atmosphere of engagement, freedom from discrimination, and responsible use of authority.

We are a comprehensive university. Broad in scope, we offer undergraduate and graduate university education across Faculties and Schools and apply a balance between our focus on teaching and our commitment to research, scholarship, and creative activities.

We believe in excellence in undergraduate education. The University of Lethbridge treasures its reputation for quality, responsiveness, and innovation at the undergraduate level. We will continue to enhance our reputation as an institution offering outstanding programming to undergraduate students in a comprehensive university environment. We enhance our value for students and society by concentrating on fields that reflect the excellence of our faculty members and the interests of both students and society.

We are fully engaged in graduate education. The University of Lethbridge offers masters and doctoral programming, and we integrate graduate studies with undergraduate and research programs. Through our graduate offerings across all academic units, we contribute to our students’ personal, intellectual, and professional development and help meet society’s need for citizens with the highest levels of professional and intellectual achievement.

We promote effective teaching and learning. For the undergraduate student, we promote primarily face-to-face learning, which reflects our belief that people benefit from spending time working together in the same place. We provide online and distance learning for courses and programs where these delivery modes make the best sense. Our use of appropriate technology permeates teaching and learning activities, enhancing both.

4. Our Commitment to Inspiration

We inspire. The University of Lethbridge aspires to inspirational teaching that ignites intellectual passion and stimulates a thirst for knowledge. We value and support many approaches to teaching and learning, in a variety of settings within the University and in the broader community.

We believe education is a journey, not a destination. A true measure of our success is our alumni’s continuing interest in a lifetime of learning, and their commitment to this goal. The University welcomes those students pursuing degrees and those taking courses out of general interest and intellectual curiosity. We are open to offering quality programs for degree completion and programs that are approved and recommended by professional associations and organizations.

We expand horizons. A global perspective is essential to the University of Lethbridge in its teaching, learning, and research. The University educates its students to become well-rounded citizens of a complex society, capable of making important contributions in Canada and elsewhere in the world.

The University of Lethbridge invites students and faculty members from around the world to participate in learning at the University, and provides international opportunities for our students and faculty members to experience other cultures.

5. Our Commitment to Responsible Action

We advance the interests of the University of Lethbridge. The University of Lethbridge communicates with its internal and external communities so that its mission, goals, and work are well understood. We engage our alumni and other supporters in the activities of the University. We build the value of the University to society by developing mutually supportive relationships with governments, individuals, and organizations.

We practice procedural fairness. All internal and external University processes are fair, open, and transparent. We act in accordance with all applicable codes of professional and ethical practice, and practice professionalism and civility in all interactions.

We are active and innovative in recruitment and retention. In developing a coordinated approach to recruiting and retaining excellent faculty members and staff, the University of Lethbridge pursues new and innovative ideas, implements the most effective strategies, and monitors their success. We encourage and pursue the training and professional development of all our people.

We practice sound financial and resource management. The University of Lethbridge maintains exemplary financial management of our public and private funds and resources. We practice resource management in a transparent manner.

We use technology effectively. We use technology to facilitate and enhance, not supplant, learning and research relationships among students, faculty members, and other university stakeholders. The University considers technology a means, not an end.

We are environmentally and socially responsible. When making decisions about the design and operation of the University of Lethbridge, we act ethically and responsibly, considering environmental sustainability and good citizenship.