Youth Policy

  • Children under the age of 3 are admitted at no charge.
  • Children under 8 yrs old must be directly supervised to use the Pool.
  • Children aged 3-13 yrs old must be supervised to use the Triple Gym and indoor Track.
  • Children aged 13 yrs old must be directly supervised to use the Fitness Centre.
  • Children over 14 yrs old do not have to be supervised to use the Climbing Wall (must meet Climbing Wall Requirements). 
  • Youth aged 14 & 15 yrs old may use entire facility unsupervised (must meet Fitness Centre requirements).
  • Youth aged 16-17 yrs old; adult supervision is not required.
  • Climbing Wall Age Restrictions

    NOTE: Supervision is the responsibility of the adult user who has brought a child.


    • This is defined as participating in, or directly supervising, any given activity with the child.

    Events Calendar

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