Fitness Lockers

Two Types of Fitness Lockers

  • Guest Lockers
    • $.25 Coin-op lockers are available in the Universal Change Room area as well as the Day Use Change Rooms.
  • Lease Lockers (with towel service)
    • Available for rent in the main locker rooms of the Centre for Sport and Wellness

Towel Locker Fees

  •  Prices valid May 1, 2018 - April 30, 2019
  1 Semester  
2 Semesters   
One Year   
Half Lockers         $31.45     $54.02    $80.22   $20.00  $7.02

Full Lockers

   $41.63    $71.14    $94.82   $20.00  $8.30

Conditions of Use

  • Flat rate, by semester, regardless of when rented
  • Lease dates expire three times a year; April 30th, August 31st, December 31st
  • Locks are provided
  • Fees are non-refundable 

Return Policy

  •  Lock and towel must be returned BEFORE locker expiry date to receive full deposit refund
  • Charges apply for locks/towels not returned
  • If there is no contact by the lease holder before the expiry date the deposit is completely lost
  • The locker is then cleared out and made available to rent.  
  • Deposit is refunded to the debit card of the original individual who rented the locker.

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