Agricultural Studies
11263 AGST 1000 A The Evolution of Agriculture 07-Jan-04 16-Apr-04 M W F 10:00-10:50 B660 Davidson J
NOTE: Partially reserved.
NOTE: Course designation: Humanities.

11264 AGST 4000 A Agricultural Issues 07-Jan-04 16-Apr-04 Tu Th 16:30-17:45 B650 Walburger A
NOTE: Initially reserved.
NOTE: Course designation: Social Science.
PREREQUISITE: Agricultural Studies 3300 and third-year standing (a minimum of 60.0 credit hours).

11265 AGST 4300 A Advanced Modelling of Ag. Systems 07-Jan-04 16-Apr-04 M W F 10:00-10:50 PE254 Le Roy D
PREREQUISITE: Agricultural Studies 3300.
11266 AGST 4300 1 Agst 4300 Lab 1 07-Jan-04 16-Apr-04 M 13:00-14:50 E630 Davidson J
NOTE: Initially reserved.
NOTE: Students MUST register for one SEC and one LAB.
NOTE: Credit is NOT allowed for Agricultural Studies 4300 and Agricultural Studies 3000.
NOTE: *Please see Page 23 of the Spring 2004 TT & Reg Guide.
NOTE: Course designation: Science.