Program Planning

Post-Diploma Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education, (After a Two or Three-Year Diploma) Sample Sequencing Plan (2010 / 2011)

See the UofL Calendar and/or the Program Planning Guide for details regarding program requirements.

Year 1, Fall
Education 3875, Education 3876, or Education 3877
Music 3500
Music 3548 (Studio V)
Music 3580
GLER course
Year 1, Spring
Education 25001
Music 3600
Music 3648 (Studio VI)
Music 4660
Music Ensemble
GLER course
Year 2, Fall
Professional Semester I (PS I)
Year 2, Spring
Education Foundation course
Music elective
Music Ensemble
GLER course
GLER course
Year 3, Fall
Education 3875, Education 3876, or Education 3877
GLER course
GLER course
GLER course
Year 3, Spring
Professional Semester II (PS II)
Year 3, Summer
Education elective (Music/Fine Arts) (Education 3871 or Education 3872 recommended)2
Year 4, Fall
Professional Semester III (PS III): Fine Arts Internship in Music
1 Education 2500 may also be taken in Spring and Summer semester.
2 Students who are unable to attend Summer Session should contact the Academic Advisor in the Faculty of Fine Arts (tel. 403-329-2691) regarding an alternative route for meeting these course requirements.
Note: This is a sample sequence plan only. Programs are customized based on the content of the student’s diploma.