Program Planning

Bachelor of Education - After Degree Program Sample Sequencing Plan (2010 / 2011)

See the UofL Calendar and/or the Program Planning Guide for details regarding program requirements.

Year 1, Fall
Professional Semester I
Five course semester including the following components:
Curriculum and Instruction
Educational Psychology
Language in Education
Evaluation of Learning
Teaching Seminar
Communications Technology and Education
Practicum - Equivalent to 125 hours in a school
Year 1, Spring
Professional Semester II
Five course semester including the following components:
Principles of Curriculum and Instruction for Majors
The Educational Psychology of Exceptional Learners
Social Context of Schooling
Evaluation of Student Learning
Practicum - Equivalent to 150 hours in a school
Plus a weekly ‘Seminar in Teaching’ component
Year 2, Fall
Professional Semester III
Five course semester
Internship - Students are assigned to schools for approximately 200 hours in a special focus practicum and assume full responsibility for a classroom for approximately one-half of that time
Year 2, Spring*
Education Foundation course
Education elective
Education elective
Education elective
* Students may be able to complete these four Education courses in the Summer Session between PS II and PS III. This may permit completion of the B.Ed. program in 16 months, with graduation in December.
Elementary Education and Special/Inclusive Education students will reverse the Fall and Spring semesters in Year 2 and complete PS III in the Spring.