Program Planning

Bachelor of Science - Environmental Science Sample Sequencing Plan (2010 / 2011)

Shown below is a sample sequence of courses for your degree. If you follow this plan, you should be able to graduate in four years, provided you complete five courses per semester. This is just one example of how you could complete your major and degree requirements; you may find that a different sequence works as well as this one.

See the UofL Calendar and/or the Program Planning Guide for details regarding program requirements.

Year 1, Fall
Biology 1020
Chemistry 1000
Geography 1000
Mathematics 1410 or Mathematics 1560
GLER course (List I)
Year 1, Spring
Biology 1010
Chemistry 2000
Environmental Science 2000
Geography 2735
Mathematics or Statistics
Year 2, Fall
Biology 2200
Chemistry 2410 or Chemistry 2500
Geography 2030
Geography 2300
GLER course (List II)
Year 2, Spring
Biology 2000
Geography 2700
Geography or Geology list course
GLER course (List I)
GLER course (List II)
Year 3, Fall
Biology List 2 or List 3 course (lab-based)
Geography or Geology list course
An approved field course
GLER course (List I)
GLER course (List II)
Year 3, Spring
Technical Studies Semester1(15.0 credit hours)
Students will receive credit for the following (upon successful completion and receipt of transcript):
2 Environmental Science 3000-level courses
3 Environmental Science 2000-level courses
Year 4, Fall
Biology List 2 or List 3 course (lab-based)
Environmental Science 40002
Geography or Geology list course
GLER course (List II)
Year 4, Spring
Biology 3300
Biology List 2 or List 3 course
Independent Study or Applied Study 3000/4000 level
GLER course (List I)
1 If the Technical Studies Semester is undertaken in Fall, Year Three, students should follow the Fall, Year Three sequence in Spring, Year Three.
2 Semester of offering may vary.
Note: Students must complete Biology 1010, Biology 1020, Biology 2000, Biology 2200, Chemistry 1000, and Chemistry 2000 by the end of Year Two to be eligible to undertake the required Technical Studies Semester in Year Three. Since spaces are limited, students lacking this necessary background may be deemed ineligible for the assigned Technical Studies Semester and required to change to another major.