Bachelor of Health Sciences - Addictions Counselling Sample Sequencing Plan (2009 / 2010)

The first number reflects the Medicine Hat College course numbering system while the second reflects the University of Lethbridge system.

Year 1, Fall (U of L or MHC)
HLSC 200/1000 Introduction to Addiction Studies
One of: IDST 100 Therapeutic Communication
HLSC 1020 Introduction to the Counselling Interview
PSYC 205/1000 Basic Concepts of Psychology
GLER course
GLER course
Year 1, Spring/Winter (U of L or MHC)
HLSC 220/1220 Counselling I (Individual Counselling)
HLSC 230/1225 Physiology and Processes of Addictions
SOCI 201/1000 Basic Concepts in Sociology
Year 2, Fall (U of L or MHC)
HLSC 320/2120 Counselling II (Group Counselling)
HLSC 340/2245 Assessment of Addictions
HLSC 365/3002 Health Education and Promotion
One of: SOCI 203/2020 Social Problems
SOCI 325/2500 Deviance, Conformity and Social Control
GLER course
Year 2, Spring/Winter (U of L or MHC)
HLSC 350/2050 Internship in Addictions Counselling I
Diploma Route Exit
Year 3, Fall (MHC)
HLSC 380 Professional Issues and Practice
Year 3, Fall (U of L)
HLSC 3120 Counselling III (Family Counselling)
HLSC 3130 Cultural Context of Addictions
HLSC 3150 Adult Psychopathology
NAS 1000 Introduction to Native American Studies
GLER course
Year 3, Spring/Winter (U of L)
HLSC 3240 Issues in Addiction and Mental Health
HLSC 3260 Research in Addictions
HLSC 3450/PSYC 3450 Applied Statistics for Clinical Practice
HLSC 3749 Studies in Specific Addictive Disorders
HLSC 3759 Addictions in Particular Populations
Year 4, Fall (U of L)
HLSC 4050 Internship in Addictions Counselling II
Year 4, Spring/Winter (U of L)
HLSC 3420 Ethics in Addictions Counselling
HLSC 4200 Community Counselling and Development
GLER course
Note: Please refer to the Alberta Transfer Guide or see an Advisor at the University of Lethbridge or Medicine Hat College when selecting Elective courses.