Program Planning

Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Education, Geography/Science Education Sample Sequencing Plan (2009 / 2010)

Shown below is a sample sequence of courses for your degree. If you follow this plan, you should be able to graduate in five years, provided you complete five courses per semester. This is just one example of how you could complete your major and degree requirements; you may find that a different sequence works as well as this one.

Year 1, Fall
Geography 1010
Chemistry 1000 (required cognate)
Mathematics 1560 (required cognate)
GLER course
GLER course
Year 1, Spring
Biology 1020 (required cognate)
Geography 2015
Physics 1000 (required cognate)
GLER course
GLER course
Year 2, Fall
Education 25001
Geography 2030
Biology, Chemistry, or Physics cognate
GLER course
GLER course
Year 2, Spring
Geography 2700
Geology 2060
Biology, Chemistry, or Physics cognate (Biology 1010 recommended)
GLER course
GLER course
Year 3, Fall
Professional Semester I
Year 3, Spring
Geography 3080
Environmental Science 2000 (recommended)
Science elective 3000/4000 level
Science elective 3000/4000 level
Elective 3000/4000 level
Year 4, Fall
Geography 3090
ONE of: Geography 3015, Geography 30352, or Geography 3060
ONE of: Geography 3710, Geography 3720, or Geography 3740
Elective 3000/4000 level
Science elective
Year 4, Spring
Professional Semester II
Year 5, Fall
Professional Semester III
Year 5, Spring
Education Foundation course
Education elective
Education elective
Education elective
Geography/Geology 4000 level
Elementary Education and Special/Inclusive Education students will reverse the Fall and Spring semesters in Year 5 and complete PS III in the Spring.
1 Education 2500 may also be taken in Spring and Summer semester.
2 Geography 3035 is typically offered in Spring Semester. Students choosing this course are advised to complete it in Year 3, Spring.