Fees - Fall

The following is an abbreviated version of the fee regulations. Please consult the 2014/2015 Calendar or www.uleth.ca/financial-services/ for complete information.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Once you register in courses, you are liable for tuition and general fees as outlined in Part 3 - Fees of the 2014/2015 University of Lethbridge Calendar.

You must make a payment towards your Fall semester tuition by October 1, or your registration will be cancelled and you will be assessed fees at a rate of $0.00 tuition and 20 percent of compulsory fees.

If your registration is cancelled for non-payment of fees, you will be withdrawn from all courses and access to Moodle will be denied. A $25 fee will be charged if you would like to be reinstated into your classes.

If you are a newly admitted or readmitted student, you must make a payment over and above your tuition deposit by October 1, or your registration will be cancelled and you will be assessed fees at a rate of $80.00 tuition and 20 percent of compulsory fees.

If you make a partial payment by October 1, you will not have your registration cancelled; however, interest at a rate of the Bank prime lending rate plus 5 percent per annum will be charged on any outstanding principal balance owing.

Non-Attendance and Fee Liability

If you register and subsequently decide not to attend, it is your responsibility to cancel your registration (see “In Case You Decide Not to Attend” on page 7). Failure to cancel or withdraw from course(s) will result in the assessment of appropriate fees.


If you withdraw from a course after add/drop but before October 1 for the Fall semester, you will be charged 20% of your tuition and 100% compulsory fees.

Withdrawal Fee Assessment

Date of Withdrawal
Percentage of Tuition Fees for which You are Responsible
Percentage of Materials/ Compulsory Fees for which You are Responsible
Up to the end of add/drop
Confirmation of admission deposit forfeited
After add/drop to October 1 (Fall)
After October 1 to November 15
November 16 up to and including the last day of classes
Open Studies students should refer to the fee assessment schedule on the back of the Open Studies Registration form.
Outstanding Fees

Outstanding Fees for Registration

The University will withhold registration privileges if there are outstanding fees, including the current semester’s fees.

Student Account Summary on the Bridge

You can view your personal Cash Office account status and other financial information online.

Log in to the Bridge
Select Registrar’s Office and Student Services
Select Cash Office

You will be able to view your University of Lethbridge fee charges and payments, registration fee assessment, fee deadlines, and T2202A slip for tax purposes. You can also reserve a parking permit or view parking details on this site.