Visiting and Exchange Student Information

If you are planning to study at another institution you must apply for Visiting Student Authorization from your Faculty/School advising office. Transfer credit will not be awarded unless prior permission has been obtained.

University of Lethbridge Students Studying Elsewhere

The following information will help you if you are interested in studying as an authorized Visiting or Exchange Student at another institution.

Both Exchange and Visiting Students should contact their academic advising office to obtain the appropriate application forms. Approval in writing must be obtained from the appropriate academic advising office prior to commencement of studies elsewhere.
You will be registered in a placeholder course during the semester(s) of approved absence from the University of Lethbridge. This will allow you to retain your continuing student registration privileges.
Remember to register during your assigned registration period for the semester following your approved absence.
If you would like to extend your approved absence, you must obtain prior approval from the appropriate academic advising office. Otherwise, you will forfeit your registration privileges and you will need to apply for readmission.
Visiting Students from Other Universities

The following information will help you if you are interested in attending the University of Lethbridge as a Visiting Student.

You must submit an Application for Admission before the deadline each semester you want to attend the University of Lethbridge. A non-refundable application for admission fee must accompany the application for admission for each level (undergraduate, master’s, or Ph.D.).
The application fee for initial admission to a level of studies (i.e., undergraduate, master's, or Ph.D.) is as follows:
$100 for undergraduate programs
$100 for master's programs
$100 for Ph.D. programs
Subsequent applications for readmission to a level of studies are assessed an application fee of $25.
Obtain approval in writing from your home institution and forward it directly to the University of Lethbridge Admissions Office.
Upon being admitted to the University of Lethbridge, pay your non-refundable tuition deposit.
You will have access to classes only as space and quotas permit. Course registration via the Bridge will be made available to you commencing August 25, 2014. Note that registration via the Bridge is made available only for the one semester in which you are registering.
Exchange Students from Other Universities

If you would like to attend the University of Lethbridge as an Exchange Student, you will need to make application to the exchange program representative at your home institution. The home institution representative will, upon approval, coordinate the exchange process with the exchange program representative at the University of Lethbridge.

Faculty of Management International Programs

International exchanges and work studies through the Faculty of Management are open to all qualified University of Lethbridge students. Visit for details on eligibility requirements, the application process, costs, and possible destinations.

International programs provide students with opportunities to gain diverse cross-cultural experiences and to apply and strengthen their conceptual, analytic, and linguistic skills. There are opportunities for semester-long student exchanges to 24 countries, short-term summer exchanges, and work study programs in Malaysia where you can apply business knowledge and gain practical experience working in a culturally challenging environment.

Faculty of Management Buddy Program

The Faculty of Management Buddy Program links incoming exchange students with current University of Lethbridge students so that you, as a current student, can help ease the visiting students’ transition to Lethbridge and to the University. You, along with the new exchange student, will take part in a variety of Faculty of Management-sponsored and buddy-initiated activities together. University of Lethbridge buddies provide peer support and friendship to our international student guests, and becoming a buddy will give you an opportunity to make your own international connection right here in Lethbridge. Contact the Faculty of Management for more information.

Faculty of Management International Friendship Family Program

The International Friendship Family Program is aimed at welcoming exchange students into the Lethbridge community. Each month, throughout the semester, volunteer ‘friendship families’ invite their designated exchange student(s) to a family or community event, or into their homes for a family gathering. The friendships that develop allow both parties to learn about the culture and the daily lives of people from another country.