Registration Notes

You will be unable to register using the Bridge if any of the following conditions apply:

Your admission to the University has not yet been finalized.
Your Confirmation of Admission (COA) deposit has not yet been received and processed by the University (see “Paying the Confirmation of Admission Deposit” on page 3).
You are a M.A., M.Sc., M.Sc. (Management), or Ph.D. student.
You are attempting to register outside of your assigned registration dates (see “When to Register”).
There are holds on your record (see “Common Registration Error Messages”).
Bachelor of Nursing Students

Although you are considered a University of Lethbridge student during your first two years of study, your courses will be completed at Lethbridge College. Lethbridge College will provide course registration information during this time.

Continuing Students

Continuing students should register before April 7, 2014 to facilitate guaranteed access to courses required in their program and major. You cannot be wait-listed for courses unless you register during your assigned early registration time period. You must be registered by May 1, 2014 to be guaranteed access to required courses.

If you are unsuccessful in registering for the courses required for your program, please contact your advising office for wait-list information (see “Wait-Lists” on page 15).

Students with Disabilities

Registration Assistance for Students with Disabilities

If you are unable to use the Bridge due to a disability, you may register in person at the Information Centre in the Registrar’s Office and Student Services (ROSS). If your disability is not obvious, you should establish your disability status in advance by making an appointment with the Accommodated Learning Centre to see our learning strategist. Please bring documentation of your disability.

Registration Priority for Students with Disabilities

If you have verified your disability with the Registrar’s Office and Student Services (ROSS) as indicated above, you may register with the first release time in your academic year.

If you plan to register via the Bridge, you must verify your disability well in advance of the first registration time for your year group. Registration priority is not automatic—even if you have received it in the past. Notification of your disability must be received by the Registrar’s Office and Student Services (ROSS) before each registration period.

Registration Tips

Course Changes

Check the availability of the new course component you want to add. If you do not yet have a full schedule, add the new section/lab/tutorial before you drop the original section/lab/tutorial in which you are currently registered. This process should be followed in order to maintain your registration in the course until registration in the new course component is confirmed.

Confirm Your Registration

Check your Student Class Schedule on the Bridge prior to the beginning of the semester to confirm your registration and to check for any changes to the Class Schedules/Timetable which may affect you.

Class Schedules/Timetable Information

Refer to the online Class Schedules/Timetable for the most up-to-date information and to find new course offerings. Use the ‘Look Up Classes’ option in the Bridge to determine if a section is full, and to find available courses that fit into your schedule.