Courses Excluded from Web Registration

Certain courses which require special approval are excluded from web registration. If you attempt to register in such courses, you will receive a response from the Bridge indicating that web registration is not available.

Courses which are excluded from web registration include independent study courses, applied study courses, co-op work terms, undergraduate thesis courses, visiting student placeholders, technical studies semester placeholders, and specific courses identified by the Faculty/School. For more information regarding other courses, check with the Faculty or School offering the course.

Undergraduate Thesis Course

To register in an undergraduate thesis course, pick up an Undergraduate Thesis Course Form at your advising office during regular office hours. You must obtain approval from the Thesis Supervisor, Department Chair or Program Coordinator, and Dean. The signed form must be delivered to the Registrar’s Office and Student Services (ROSS) for processing before the end of the add/drop period.

The Registrar’s Office and Student Services (ROSS) will register you in the first semester of the course by the end of add/drop, and in the second semester of the course just prior to the next registration period.

Independent Study

To register in an independent study course, pick up an Independent Study Enrolment Form at the Registrar’s Office and Student Services (ROSS) during regular office hours. You must obtain approval from the instructor who agrees to guide the study, the Department, the advising office, and the Dean’s Office. The signed form must be returned to the Registrar’s Office and Student Services (ROSS) for processing prior to the end of the add/drop period.

Co-operative Education

Undergraduate Degree

Co-operative Education is a career development option available to all majors in any undergraduate degree program in Arts and Science, Fine Arts, Bachelor of Management, Management Certificate, Professional Diploma in Accounting, and Public Health majors pursuing a Health Sciences undergraduate degree. Students who choose this option receive highly contemporary career management training and become candidates for full-time, paid co-op work terms in corporations, government agencies, academia, and other professional organizations.

Each four-month co-op work term is treated as a non-credit course and recorded on your transcript and your degree requirements remain unchanged. You may participate in as few as 4 months and as many as 24 months of co-op work experience; however, to earn the co-op designation, you must complete a minimum of 12 months of work term experience prior to graduation. You can complete work terms during the summer, fall and spring semesters, while maintaining full-time student status.

You are encouraged to apply for this program as early as possible. All students who meet the eligibility requirements-including post-diploma and transfer students-are welcome to apply!

For more information, please contact:

Co-operative Education - Faculty of Arts and Science, Faculty of Fine Arts, and Faculty of Health Sciences (Public Health)

Location: AH154
Phone: 403-329-2000

Co-operative Education - Faculty of Management

Location: AH154
Phone: 403-380-1810
Applied Studies

Applied Studies courses offer students the opportunity to earn academic credit for employment or volunteer experiences of 130 hours per semester that offer significant learning at a level suitable for the awarding of university credit. Students interested in applied studies should contact the Applied Studies Office for application packages and detailed information. The application deadline for Fall 2014 is September 12, 2014 at 4:00 p.m.

Students wanting to drop a course to add an applied study, or students requiring full-time student status, must submit their application before the add/drop deadline.