Frequently Asked Questions

What is the General Liberal Education Requirement (GLER)?

The General Liberal Education Requirement is part of the liberal arts focus of the University. Every undergraduate student must complete courses from List I: Fine Arts and Humanities, List II: Social Sciences, and List III: Sciences. Required courses in your program can be used to meet the GLER. No more than four courses from any one department may be used to meet this requirement. For complete details about the GLER, see the Calendar.

What is a cognate?

A cognate is a course from outside a defined discipline which complements and enhances the breadth of knowledge and skills found within the area of study.

What is a prerequisite? What is a corequisite? What is recommended background?

A prerequisite is a course that you must have completed with at least a 'D,' 'Credit,' or 'Pass' before you are eligible to register in a given course. A corequisite is a course that you must take prior to or concurrently with the course in which you want to register. Recommended background is a course or courses that you are advised to take before you register in a particular course, but you are not required to do so. Prerequisites, corequisites, and recommended background are listed for each course in the Calendar and the Timetable and Registration Guide. Remember that you must follow the current Calendar for prerequisites, corequisites, and recommended background.

What is an Independent Study?

An Independent Study is a course that consists of individual study for course credit under the supervision of a professor and may be completed at the 2000, 3000, or 4000 level. Independent Study may take a variety of forms including library research, laboratory research projects, or field study. Depending on your program, you may complete a maximum number of Independent Study courses. For further information, students should consult the Department or Faculty member under whom they wish to pursue an independent study.

What is an Applied Study?

An Applied Study course is an employment or volunteer arrangement for which students may be granted course credit. Students should see the Applied Studies website for more information.

Can I repeat a course?

You are allowed to repeat a course. The grades for both attempts are recorded on the transcript, but
only the grade and credit hours for the most recent attempt are computed in the GPA. Students may not
have grades and credit hours for more than one attempt calculated in the GPA. When you repeat a
course, you must submit a Repeated Course Form to the Registrar’s Office and Student Services (ROSS) so
that your GPA will be recalculated using the new grade. A student may not use a Credit/Non-Credit
designation to replace a previously earned grade.

What if I have more questions?

Most of your questions can be answered by reviewing the University Calendar. If you have any further questions, you may want to consult with an Academic Advisor.