Native Student Advising

Support Services for First Nations, Métis and Inuit Students

Our role is to guide, encourage and support Aboriginal students

Currently Located in Registrar's Office (SU140k)
Moving to Paterson Centre August 2014
Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

FNMI website:

This is a free confidential service for those students who self-identify as First Nations', Métis, or Inuit. The Advisor’s primary role is to guide, encourage, and empower students in the university environment so that they may achieve their highest potential. The advisor can assist your transition to the University by helping you access services such as:

The eaglesnest listserve is the primary email communication highway for registered University of Lethbridge FNMI students who have self-identified. University announcements, community resources, and job postings are some of the communications that the eaglesnest forwards. Please email Native Student Advising (contact below) for addition or removal to eaglesnest membership.

Elizabeth Ferguson, Coordinator, Native Student Advising
Phone: (403) 317-2812

Connie Johnstone, Native Student Advisor
Phone: (403) 332-4455

Additional FNMI Supports on Campus

(403) 329-2635 NAS Administrative Support C522 ~ Jessica Goodrider
(403) 317-2889 Recruitment SU065F ~ Tisha Bromley-Wadsworth
(403) 329-2088 First Nations Transition Coordinator ~ Michelle Hogue
(403) 394-3990 First Nation Transition Program Learning Facilitator ~ Nadine Eagle Child
(403) 329-2369 Faculty of Management M2061~ Rhonda Crow
(403) 332-4579 Faculty of Health Sciences M3078 ~ Marilyn Lamb
(403) 329-2390 FNMI Librarian L1156 ~ Andrea Glover