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Urban and Regional Studies (UBRE)

Urban and Regional Studies (UBRE)
Faculty of Arts and Science

Urban and Regional Studies courses are offered by the Department of Geography.

Urban and Regional Studies 4995

Undergraduate Thesis
Credit hours: 6.0
Contact hours per week:
This is an intensive, research-oriented course in which students will conduct empirical research, submit a report in the form of an undergraduate thesis which will be made publicly available, and report orally on the work.
Fourth-year standing (a minimum of 90.0 credit hours) AND
A cumulative GPA of 3.30 or higher AND
One Independent Study (3990) or Applied Study (3980) course (3.0 credit hours) with an Urban and Regional Studies focus AND
Approval of the Coordinator of Urban and Regional Studies
Contact hours will vary. Students should be aware that this course involves regular contact with the Thesis Supervisor as well as considerable independent work.
See Part 7 - Arts and Science, Sections 5.c. (p. 103), 6.c. (p. 105), and 7.c. (p. 106).