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Urban and Regional Studies (UBRE)

Urban and Regional Studies
Faculty of Arts and Science

Note: Urban and Regional Studies courses are offered by the Department of Geography.

Urban and Regional Studies 4995

Undergraduate Thesis
Credit hours: 6.0
Contact hours per week: Variable
This is an intensive, research-oriented course in which students will conduct empirical research, submit a report in the form of an undergraduate thesis which will be made publicly available, and report orally on the work.
Prerequisite(s): Fourth-year standing (a minimum of 90.0 credit hours);
A cumulative GPA of 3.30 or higher;
One Independent Study (3990) or Applied Study (3980) course (3.0 credit hours) with an Urban and Regional Studies focus;
Approval of the Coordinator of Urban and Regional Studies
Note: Contact hours will vary. Students should be aware that this course involves regular contact with the Thesis Supervisor as well as considerable independent work.
See Part 7 - Arts and Science, Sections 5.c. (p. 96), 6.c. (p. 98), and 7.c. (p. 99).