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Applied Studies (APST)

Applied Studies (APST)

Note: Applied Studies courses are offered by the Applied Studies Office (B610).

Applied Studies 2000/2001

Field Experience
Credit hours: 3.0
An opportunity to earn credit for an employment or volunteer experience with a significant learning component. Completion of a written Work Report is required.
Prerequisite(s): Second-year standing (a minimum 30.0 credit hours);
Permission of the Applied Studies Field Coordinator
Grading: Pass/Fail
Note: This course may be repeated once in a different work assignment.

Applied Studies 2010/2011

Field Experience Evaluation
Credit hours: 3.0
Completion of a project in which a particular aspect of a job or volunteer experience is considered within an academic context. Consultation of relevant literature and relation of theoretical precepts to practical experience are required.
Prerequisite(s): Applied Studies 2000, taken previously or concurrently;
Permission of the Applied Studies Field Coordinator

Applied Studies 2980-2985, 3980-3985, 4980-4985

Disciplinary Credit
Credit hours: 3.0
Using a suitable employment or volunteer experience as a basis, a Learning Plan is drawn up within a particular disciplinary perspective.
Prerequisite(s): Applied Studies 2000;
Applied Studies 2010
Permission of the Applied Studies Field Coordinator
Note: Students must have an adequate background in the discipline before enrolling in Applied Studies for disciplinary credit.