Note: Multimedia courses are offered by the Faculty of Fine Arts.

MULTIMEDIA 4500 - Module I

Credit hours: 9.0

Contact hours per week:
Writing for Multimedia: 4-0-0
(Design) Drawing/Illustration: 6-0-0
Web/Print Design Principles and Practice: 8.5-0-0
3D Computer Graphics, Animation and Special Effects: 9.5-0-0
Independent Studio: 4.5-0-0

Writing for Multimedia

The ability to record and arrange ideas into an effective sequence that others may understand and appreciate is an essential skill in the production of multimedia. It is also the most accepted method for maintaining control over intellectual property through copyright. Various approaches to writing for Multimedia are covered, including writing for television, interactive media, web authoring, CG animation and commercials. The foundations for the final Independent Project (Module II) will be established.

(Design) Drawing/Illustration

Good drawing and illustration skills are essential for developing and communicating ideas quickly and effectively. This studio class is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of drawing/illustration for printed and digital media. Still life drawing and drawing from the human form will be covered in depth, as well as cartoon style and caricature.

Web/Print Design Principles and Practice

Web-based and print-based publishing methods require well planned design strategies as well as a solid understanding of digital/print theory, history and application. This class covers the theory and application of design using a variety of bit-mapped and vector-based media. Students develop and manage a web site that demonstrates an understanding of design and typography as well as levels of interactivity.

3D Computer Graphics, Animation and Special Effects

Three-dimensional graphics is becoming increasingly important to broadcasting, commercials, films and interactive web design. Students learn how to build, light and animate complex virtual scenes using professional 3D modelling and animation software.Topics include low-poly mesh, patch and NURBS modelling methods, particles, lighting, character modelling and animation, and special effects.

Independent Studio

Students are given a significant amount of free supervised lab time to experiment with software/hardware technology and develop ideas reflective of their specific interests. Students test their ideas and methods in preparation for their final independent projects (Module II).

Prerequisite: Admission to the Professional Certificate in Multimedia Technology program.

MULTIMEDIA 4600 - Module II

Credit hours: 9.0

Contact hours per week:
Multimedia Project Planning/ Storyboarding: 4-0-0
Advanced Design: 6-0-0
Digital Audio/Video/Compositing: 8.5-0-0
Advanced Web Design/Multimedia Sequencing: 9.5-0-0
Independent Project: 4.5-0-0

Multimedia Project Planning/Storyboarding

Whether designing a web site, animated short or a commercial, good planning and visualization skills are essential in keeping artistic and business goals on track. Students examine the process of planning a multimedia project from start to finish using a variety of organizational and illustrative/communicative methods. The organizational structure for the final Independent Project (Module II) is formed.

(Advanced Design) Drawing/Illustration

An in-depth investigation of drawing/ illustration studio practice. Examples of a variety of drawing styles are examined. A majority of class-time is devoted to technical studio practice and critique.

Digital Audio/Video/Compositing

The ability to combine elements of sound, video, digital, still and animated images is one of the most complex yet central components of the multimedia authoring process. Students learn how to effectively combine static imagery and motion sequences while working simultaneously in both two and three dimensions, visually and acoustically.

Advanced Web Design/Multimedia Sequencing

After learning to create web sites using visually-based WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) software, students are introduced to the simple yet powerful HTML programming language that allows even greater control over the appearance of their work on the Web. Much of this class is dedicated to learning a powerful multimedia sequencing software package. Students will learn to sequence and package their multimedia output using methods accessible to a wide audience.

Independent Project

The culmination of the Multimedia Technology program. Students are given a substantial amount of dedicated project development time and, working in consultation with instructors, have the opportunity and facilities to produce a professional quality multimedia demo promotional package.

Prerequisite: Multimedia 4500.