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**Workshops are held during the Academic Year only (September - April)

CES workshops are a great place to learn about ALL the information you need to learn about career planning and prepare for a successful job search. Taught by professional career & employment staff, these workskhops cover the key areas needed to get you started on your career path, organize your job search and become an independent, successful job seeker. This knowledge will continue to be useful as you change jobs for many years to come and pursue different career goals along your road in life.


*Are you 'THE BEST' job seeker?

*Do you know how to network & make connections with employers before jobs are posted?

*Do you know how to communicate your relevant experience, skills & knowledge for that NEW job vs. that old job?

*Do you have an awesome, targeted resume & cover letter that stands out to readers & that will get you an interview?

*Do you know how to prepare for interviews so you can actually remember valuable points to tell employers?



Suited for anyone who is wondering how to prepare for the transition from student to work place employee. Yes...there are 'best strategies' that you need to start BEFORE you graduate if you want to have a quicker and more effective job search after graduation. There is a 4 step career planning process that can help you to see where you are at in your own process and see what you can do to move forward and achieve your career and work goals. --This 1.5 hour workshop will provide an introduction to help you:

  • What is career planning & how to manage your transition from 'student' in the academic world to 'job seeker/hired employee' in the work world
  • How to research your interests & the multitude of outside occupations that exist in your area of study/work interest
  • Ways to organize and evaluate your options, and how to make this an ongoing life process (Career Binder)
  • The value & resources available from 'professional associations' - which are the ‘gateway’ to most occupations & professions. Learn how to locate professional associations in areas of your work interest & how you can connect for industry, employment & networking resources!
  • How to build 'stepping stones' of skill, confidence and experience BEFORE YOU GRADUATE so you can move forward and be more recognizable as a qualified applicant & future employee

Please bring pen, paper & your questions as this workshop is structured to help you take action!!!



Suited for anyone with a 'basic', 'average' or 'somewhat targeted' resume. Strongly recommended (required) to attend a workshop BEFORE being given a 1-1 appt. due to the large amount of information needed to be learned. **Handouts will be provided for take home and later followup with a 1-1 appt is recommended. --This 2.5 hour workshop will cover everything you need to know about HOW TO:

  • target your resume to specific jobs in a step-by-step resume development process
  • brainstorm your skills, strengths, and experience to create a 'master copy'
  • write your information in concrete and relevant strength/experience points
  • organize, group and title information into targeted headings and sections
  • develop and edit drafts to produce 2-paged job focused drafts
  • write a cover letter in business format that includes personalized elements and relevant background information/qualities for specific job postings

When attending a CES Resume & Cover Letter Workshop, please bring your current copy.


Suited for anyone who is interested in learning how to conduct a thorough job search and to find job leads BEFORE they are advertised. Getting hired for jobs not only requires you to have relevant skills and background experience that fit the job, it also requires that you are 'known to' employers and can 'communicate well' with them about your suitability for specific jobs and roles. **Handouts will be provided for take home. --This 2 hour workshop will provide information on and hands-on involvement in:

  • Self-assessing your needs/goals/situation & targeting your job search through hands-on exercises & discussion
  • Identifying relevant sources of job leads & how to further research companies/positions/contacts
  • Marketing yourself on paper with an introduction to career portfolios and personal contact/business cards
  • Marketing yourself in person through strategies like networking, cold calling and information interviews


Suited for anyone who wants to learn what networking really means and how to do it for job search and career benefit. Networking is the process of having a sincere conversation with someone (people you want to know, people who should know you, or people you already know in any field). --This 1 hour workshop will provide an introduction to help you in the areas of:

  • Understanding networking as 'TELLING' not selling & the benefits for an effective/quicker job search
  • Learning how to introduce yourself to others to create meaningful 2-way networking conversations
  • How to prepare relevant topics of conversation ie. questions to ask, topics to avoid
  • How to use personal contact cards & followup strategies to turn networking moments into longer-term contacts


Suited for anyone who wants or needs to learn more about making a great impression with employers in job interviews and meetings. Without personable interview skills and relevant responses, the best candidates may get passed over for others who are able to communicate their positive attitude, confidence, and background fit for the specific job . **Handouts will be provided for take home. --This 2.5 hour workshop will provide information on & hands-on involvement in:

  • Understanding what an interview truly is and what is expected from strong candidates
  • What to expect in a job interview - transition between phases of the conversation & questioning
  • Understanding the types of interview questions (including behavioral description questons) and understanding employers' reasoning behind them
  • Discussion of common interview questions and hands on exercises to assist in preparing responses
  • Discussion of recall strategies to assist you in remembering responses while under pressure

CAREER PORTFOLIOS for advanced job search strategy! **Only offered as needed

Suited for anyone who wants to learn how to communicate their strengths to employers in interviews and in-person meetings through the use of 'concrete work samples' and 'examples of achievements'. --This 1.5 hour workshop will provide information on HOW TO:

  • Understand the process of developing a career/job portfolio & making a 'master portfolio copy'
  • Brainstorm, collect and/or make relevant work, study, skill and achievement documents
  • Organize documents and samples into sections within a relevant portfolio binder/folder
  • Introduce conversation of your samples into interview answers and professional conversations

When attending a CES Portfolio Workshop, please bring your current portfolio (if you have one).

New Grad – JOB SEARCH SEMINAR  ** Only offered as needed

10 hours over 2 days

Graduating? Looking for that full-time ‘new graduate job’? Are you PREPARED for job search?

  • Do you know how to find job leads before they are advertised?
  • Do you know how to introduce yourself to employers and take part in networking conversations?
  • Are your resume & cover letter documents targeted to ‘match the requirements’ of the job postings OR are they generic, vague and missing the point?
  • Are you confident, relaxed, & ready for that all important job interview?
  • What is a Career Portfolio & how can it make me ‘stand out’ with employers in a competitive job market?

Increase your chances for job search success. NOW is the time to learn these ‘essential’ job search strategies & techniques that every new graduate job seeker should know for success in finding employment. Gain hands on ‘how to’ information & skills in 4 critical areas of job search preparation.

Invest in YOURSELF – learn the skills you need, find out how job search works, and ultimately increase your success as a job seeker by attending this New Graduate Job Search Seminar.

When attending the CES Resume & Cover Letter Workshop, please bring your current copy of your resume & cover letter PLUS a job posting of interest.

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Tuesday September 16, 2014 6:00-8:00pm AH100 ~ Andy's Place RSVP HERE *CES asks you to sign up so...
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