University of Lethbridge Employee

WORKERS' COMPENSATION is a type of insurance which covers any accident that arises out of, or occurs in the course of employment. All Workers' Compensation claims must be reported to the WCB, by the Department of Wellness within 72 hours of the accident (WCB Section 28(2)). If you require a "Workers" report for submission to WCB, please see the following link:

When to report

If involved in an accident at work that results in an injury, damage to personal property (e.g. Glasses) or requires a visit to a medical practitioner such as a chiropractor or physician.

Where to report

Complete the Campus Accident Incident Report. Whenever possible, contact the Department of Wellness at  or phone 403-332-5217 prior to visiting a medical practitioner. If you seek medical attention you must notify the attending physician that it is a Workers' Compensation claim.

How to Report

Report: contact Wellness at 403-332-5217.

Out of Country

Any University employee, who is going overseas on required University business, for less than a 12 month period, has WCB coverage. You are required to provide the Department of Wellness & Recognition with details of the date of your departure, your length of stay and what country you will be traveling to.