Orientation & On-Line Learning

University of Lethbridge students traveling abroad in conjunction with University sponsorship- activities supported or funded by UofL or that involve academic work for credit, are required to complete the on-line  Moodle course (Risk Training for Travelling Abroad-Students).

For those students travelling to moderate to higher risk (medical and/or security) and avoid all travel areas an additional in person assessment and orientation is required. Contact Campus Safety, department of Insurance & Risk by emailing insurance.risk@uleth.ca as applicable. 

For all other areas of travel, the Moodle course orientates students to UofL policy and procedures and UL International SOS membership and provides resources and steps to take to protect health, safety and security while abroad. 

Students may self enroll in the Moodle course as follows:

1. Register on the University's long term server by logging in with UofL credentials: 

https://moodle.uleth.ca/long_term  then

2.  Self enroll in the "Risk Training for Travelling Abroad (Students)" Moodle course through this link:  https://moodle.uleth.ca/long_term/course/view.php?id=637



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