Non-Owned Automobile

Who is insured?

Partners, officers and employees of the University who regularly use automobile not owned by the University in the performance of their position duties and employment activities.

What is covered?

Legal liability for bodily injury to or death of any person or damage to property of others not in the care, custody and control of the University.

Insures legal liability for damage to hired automobiles for “All Perils” subject to a maximum value of $65,000.

Private passenger vans, mini vans, light commercial vehicles to a maximum weight of 4500 KG GVW and sport utility vehicles.

Deductible: $2,500 for damage to hired automobiles.

Exclusions: (This is not an exhaustive list)

Vehicles owned by the University.

Personal Vehicles of the employee including any vehicle that is owned in full or in part or licensed to them.

Vehicles hired or leased in excess of 30 days

Vehicles exceeding maximum value and GVW

Vehicles where the GVW exceeds 4500KG

Vehicles valued in excess of $65,000.

Loss or damage to any vehicle whilst personally driven by the employee.

Wear and tear, mechanical fracture or breakdown, rust, corrosion, freezing or explosion of the combustion chamber.

Contamination by radioactive material.

For additional information please contact Campus Safety, Insurance & Risk Services.