Lab Safety

Safety Services has developed programs, safety manuals and procedures in order to address the unique health, safety and environmental concerns specific to laboratories.  

Safety Checklist for Laboratory Researchers

Laboratory Chemical Safety Manual (under revision)

Lab Hazard Assessment Guide 2015

Guidelines for the Use of Nanoparticles 

Safe Transportation of Hazardous Materials Procedure

Laboratory Safety Inspection Checklist

Explanation Guide for Lab Inspection Checklist


Laboratory Employee Training Record

Are you moving out of a laboratory? The documents below define the University's requirements for ensuring laboratory spaces are left in safe condition for reoccupancy:

Lab Closeout Standard

Lab Closeout Guidelines

Lab Closeout Procedure Form (Appendix A)

Do University Facilities workers or contractors need to enter your laboratory to renovate or make repairs?  If so, the lab must be made safe for the workers to enter.  Contact Safety Services for guidance and use the form below to ensure all requirements are met:

 Clearance to Work in Laboratories 

Are you disposing/surplussing laboratory equipment or sending equipment for repair?  Follow the UofL Equipment Release Procedure to ensure that the equipment is safe for the end user and/or safely disposed:

Lab Safety Training 


An introductory course on basic lab safety is provided to undergraduate students through S2 Learning as part of their wet lab course requirements. 


University employees can access basic training here: Lab Safety Training

Coming soon: Lab Safety Training for Research Laboratories 

Non-Lab Personnel:

Safety training is required for all Unversity personnel who are not lab workers but may need to enter a lab in the course of their duties.  Examples are Facilities (Building Maintenance, Utilities, Caretakers), ITS and Materials Managment employees. 

This training can be accessed here: Lab Safety Training for Non-Lab Personnel 


Lab Safety Videos

Follow these links to watch lab safety videos: