Fine Art

What is covered?

Fine art and collectible objects of every description which includes paintings, etchings, drawings, photographs, ceramics, sculpture, pottery, porcelain, rare books, coins, manuscripts, rugs, tapestries, statuary and other bona fide works of art, rarity, historic value or artistic merit and all associated property including but not limited to frames, glasses, shadow boxes, crates and other display equipment.

Deductible: $2,500.00 per occurrence

What is not covered? (As further defined in the policy the following are some of the exclusions)

  • Buildings, equipment and tools: furniture and fixtures which are not part of the collection, money, packaging materials and supplies.
  • Wear and tear, gradual deterioration, inherent vice.
  • Moths, vermin, rodents.
  • Repairing, restoration or retouching process.
  • War risks
  • Government Action
  • Nuclear Risks
  • Mysterious Disappearance, unexplained loss or shortage.

Where is it covered?

At the University, other declared unnamed locations and in transit.

Coverage is worldwide however Campus Safety, Insurance & Risk Services should be informed of all shipments for notification to the insurer.


Any new acquisitions to or disposals from the existing collection must be reported to Campus Safety, Insurance & Risk Services for declaration to the insurer and to ensure the appropriate coverage is placed.

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