Contractor Safety

Prime Contractor Requirements_Agreement_04.29.2015.pdf

vs. 14 - Contractor HSE Prequalification Package.pdf

v. 5 - COR-SECOR Contractor Interim Review HSE Prequalification Package.pdf


U of L as Prime Contractor (CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW)


The University of Lethbridge uses prequalification as a method to develop and maintain a list of Prime Contractors who meet the minimum safety standards to be considered for completing work at the University.

COR/SECOR Certified Contractors: The validity period for preferred contractor prequalification is three (3) years. The first year, a full HSE Prequalification Application is required. An Interim Review Application will be required in the second and third year. The University of Lethbridge, may, at any time during the prequalification period, re-evaluate or request further information from the prime contractor, to maintain ‘prequalified’ status. Following the three (3) year period, prequalified prime contractors will be required to submit a full prequalification document.

Contractors who are not COR/SECOR Certified: A full HSE Prequalification Application is required annually.