X-ray Safety

X-ray equipment or devices used at the University of Lethbridge for teaching and research purposes are regulated in Alberta under the Radiation Protection Regulation. This regulation requires that these devices must be registered before they can be used. The registration process requires a formal compliance inspection to be carried out to ensure that the x-ray equipment meets certain specified safety standards.   

Contact the Radiation Safety Officer for further information regarding safety training and compliance with provincial regulations.

X-Ray Equipment Registration (Procedure): http://www.safetypartnershipsaasp.com/aasp_tmpl.php?content=radiationreq

Radiation Protection Act: http://www.qp.alberta.ca/1266.cfm?page=R02.cfm&leg_type=Acts&isbncln=9780779753338

Radiation Protection Regulation: http://www.qp.alberta.ca/1266.cfm?page=2003_182.cfm&leg_type=Regs&isbncln=9780779758494