Boiler & Machinery


Provides coverage for direct physical loss or damage to equipment as a result of sudden and accidental breakdown exposures while in use or connected and ready for use upon the University’s premises. This policy insures the University’s boilers, generators, chillers, air conditioning units and declared research and diagnostic objects inclusive of business interruption coverage subject to the varied deductible provisions, insuring agreements and coverage extensions.  

It is important for researchers and faculty working with equipment that has a significant value to ensure that this is declared for insurance purposes regardless of whether the equipment is being used on or off campus. Note that equipment being used off campus is not insured under this policy and Campus Safety, Insurance & Risk Services should be contacted to discuss insurance requirements or gaps in coverage.

Coverage may also be extended to property of others in the care, custody and control of the University for which the University is legally liable as a result of an accident.

Some Exclusions:  Damages resulting from the causes noted below. This is not a complete list.  

  • Damage from fire or smoke (unless fire ensured within the unit as a result of an accident)
  • Combustion or explosion outside of the object
  • From flood unless an accident ensures
  • Water or the escape of water ( except as stated in the policy)
  • Hail or cyclone, tornado, hurricane and wind of any kind
  • Earth movement, including earthquake, tidal wave, tsunami, landslide, mudflow, subsidence or volcanic eruption
  • Lighting
  • Damage occurring to the equipment whilst it is going through a performance test
  • Falling object, vehicle impact, weight of snow or ice etc.

Please contact Campus Safety, Insurance & Risk Services for additional information concerning this coverage. 

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