The UILO will build a compelling marketing plan to enable an outreach effort to commercialize and translate the innovation. The UILO will identify potential licensing partners and engage with them periodically to determine their level of interest. The UILO will also post the innovation on the Global Technology Portal (GTP) on an internationally-recognized website for technology transfer executives and industry interests called AUTM. AUTM is a global technology transfer organization and they offer GTP as a platform to market innovations and licensing opportunities to industry or other interested parties. The UILO will also use its extensive contacts including investors to discover additional licensing partners, sources to assess its market potential or other opportunities to facilitate the translation of the research for the  benefit to society.

Please note that the development of the innovation may occur through a small business vehicle or “startup”. The UILO can assist in this endeavour by offering the startup investor-friendly and vetted licensing terms as well as providing guidance to ensure success. As a 4X Startup Professional, the UILO Manager understands the startup ecosystem and their cash flow challenges as a nascent company. Thus, the UILO endeavours to work closely and guide the Founders to success through advice, business plan reviews, pitch reviews, sourcing non-traditional / non-dilutive sources of funding, investor introductions and other enabler introductions.