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Every firm registered with WorkSafeBC is assigned a classification unit (CU) based on their main business undertaking. Firms within a CU will have similar activities with similar levels of risk, and they will pay the same base rate for their insurance premiums. The base rates of individual firms are affected by the firm’s experience rating adjustment.  Industry is the fundamental component of a CU, and is defined on the basis of inputs used (resources, raw materials, services); production processes (methodology of combining inputs, technology, skills, and labour); and outputs (products and services produced). More information on classification is available in the Assessment Manual, Items: AP1-37-1 to AP1-37-4.  
All sawmills in BC are currently grouped in CU 714022. This CU consists of approximately 165 different firms primarily engaged in operating sawmills at a fixed location. For the purpose of classification, WorkSafeBC would like to understand if all sawmills represent a single industry (current approach) or multiple industries.  
Examples of differences in BC sawmill firms include:  
• Milling predominantly coastal logs or interior species; 
• Producing commodity or specialty products; 
• Milling logs provided by their own logging operation or owned by an unaffiliated firm; and 
• Having renewable tenure responsibilities (integrated) or not (non-integrated). 
Additional differences may include operations in the Integrated Forest Management (primary resources sector), value-added services (such as kilns and planers), and level of automation. 
Research Questions  
WorkSafeBC is interested in research proposals that investigate whether sawmill operations in BC represent a single industry or multiple industries.  Considerations in the research may include integrated and non-integrated operations, sawmill inputs, process of production and output, commodity and specialty producers, and interior or coastal operations, or other industry-related characteristics. 

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WorkSafe BC
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Penny D'Agnone
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Grant amounts are determined by WorkSafeBC, based on the proposed workplan and budget. As a guide, previous projects ranged from $80,000 to $150,000. Project duration for this topic should not exceed 6 months, although exceptions may be warranted
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Thursday, November 1, 2018
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