Wearables and Technology for Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Behavior Change

Seeks wearable and/or sensor technologies that will improve the health of mothers and newborns by 1) increasing uptake of healthy behaviors and/or 2) facilitating research on maternal and neonatal interventions in low-resource settings. Maternal, newborn and child health has seen significant yet inconsistent improvements over the past 15 years. In order to meet the Sustainable Development Goals set for 2030, mortality reduction must accelerate. We are challenged to lower annual global neonatal deaths from 2.7 million to 1.2 million, and annual global maternal deaths from 303,000 to 97,000.
Agency Name: 
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Contact Name: 
Penny D'Agnone
Grant Amount: 
$100,000 USD for a grant period of 18 months.
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External Deadline: 
Sunday, March 5, 2017
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