Team Building Grant Program

The Alberta Addiction and Mental Health Research Hub is a partnership of researchers, healthcare professionals and leadership, community organizations, government ministries, patient advocates, and other stakeholders. The Research Hub works to create a strong research-to-practice enterprise for addiction and mental health (AMH) research in Alberta.  The Research Hub will provide a Research Team Building Grant to support researchers in forming a meaningful, crossinstitution AMH research team to apply for national or international funding. The Research Hub encourages Alberta researchers in all areas of AMH to apply, as it will increase both AMH research capacity in Alberta and our competitive advantage in funding competitions.

Principal investigators (PIs) must be a faculty member in one of Alberta’s academic institutions, or clinically appointed at Alberta Health Services (AHS) or its affiliations. The affiliated institution must be eligible to hold and administer research funds.  The applicant must be a member of the AMH Research Hub. To become a member of the AMH Research Hub, please email  The area of research must be related to addiction and/or mental health.  The initiative must be Alberta-based. Collaborators from outside of Alberta can be included, but their travel will not be covered. The list of invited attendees must include multiple Alberta institutions and people with lived experiences. The list of actual attendees must be provided after the initial meeting.  A representative from the Research Hub leadership must be invited to the meeting (the Scientific Director (AMH SCN), the Assistant Scientific Director (AMH SCN), or the Manager, Knowledge Exchange (Provincial AMH)) Teams that currently hold research funding or have an active application are eligible. However, new teams will be prioritized.

To request the application template, please email

Agency Name: 
Addiction & Mental Health SCN (Alberta Health Services)
Contact Name: 
Penny D'Agnone
Grant Amount: 
Maximum amount of the award is $5,000. The grant is non-renewable.
Grant Location: 
External Deadline: 
Friday, May 31, 2019
Internal Deadline: 
Friday, May 17, 2019
Grant Type: 
Grant Area: 
Grant Eligibility: