NSERC PromoScience Program

NSERC invites applications that promote the natural sciences and engineering to Canada's young people, particularly to groups such as girls and Aboriginal peoples that are under-represented in scientific and engineering careers.

In addition, NSERC is issuing a targeted call for applications that focus on resources, tools and professional development for teachers. It is expected that an increased percentage of applications in this area will be supported in consequence. These professional development programs must be outside of accredited courses or degree requirements.

PromoScience supports hands-on learning experiences for young students and their science teachers. Grants may be used to cover improvements to program content or delivery, as well as for new programs and activities. Grants can also be used to cover operational costs such as salaries, travel, postage, materials and supplies, provided that they relate to the promotion of science and engineering. Note that grants may not be used to support research or program evaluations. 

New for 2019: Only one application per department may be submitted per competition year. NSERC encourages organizers of science and engineering promotion activities for youth to coordinate and prioritize their activities within their own organization (i.e., at the same university) and to collaborate with other organizations. Please contact Stacey Leavitt at stacey.leavitt@uleth.ca if you intend to apply.

Agency Name: 
Contact Name: 
Stacey Leavitt
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External Deadline: 
Sunday, September 15, 2019
Internal Deadline: 
Sunday, September 15, 2019
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Natural Science
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