Innovations for Integrated Diagnostics Systems

Our challenge is to make technological and process improvements in all the areas mentioned above, while at the same time paying attention to balance the cost trade-offs. We are looking for Technical innovations that have a measurable improvement in an integrated laboratory network, starting from sample collection, transportation, laboratory testing (local or centralized) to return of the results. Innovations should have the potential to improve turn-around time (from specimen collection to return of result), laboratory instrument capacity utilization rate, percentage of quality results generated, percentage of quality results returned or cost per quality result returned. Early stage feasibility studies are encouraged.
Agency Name: 
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Contact Name: 
Penny D'Agnone
Grant Amount: 
Phase I grants will be for $100,000 USD for a grant period of 18 months. Phase I projects that show promise will be eligible to apply for follow-on funding, called "Phase II."
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External Deadline: 
Sunday, March 5, 2017
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