EcoAction Community Funding Program

The EcoAction Community Funding Program funds projects across Canada to encourage Canadians to take action to address clean air, clean water, climate change and nature issues, and to build the capacity of communities to sustain these activities into the future.

Take action for your environment

Your organization may be eligible to receive financial support from Environment and Climate Change Canada's EcoAction Community Funding Program to address environmental issues of importance in your community. Your project must have measurable, positive environmental results and promote community participation.

What types of projects are funded?

Your project should address one or more of the following key environmental issues:

  • Clean air
    Projects with a focus on improving air quality or reducing emissions that contribute to air pollution. For example:
    • active transportation such as biking, and alternative methods of commuting aimed at reducing traffic and harmful air emissions
  • Clean water
    Projects with a focus on reducing or diverting substances that negatively affect water quality or with a focus on water-use efficiency and conservation. For example:
    • reduction of nutrient load, contaminants or toxics in water bodies
  • Climate change
    Projects with a focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions or with a focus on addressing the impacts of climate change. For example:

    • sustainable consumption and waste reduction activities
    • cooling measures to reduce urban heat islands
  • Nature
    Projects with a focus on protecting, rehabilitating or restoring the natural environment. For example:
    • improving biodiversity by restoring and conserving habitat that will provide long-term protection to plants and wildlife in sensitive areas
Agency Name: 
Canadian Wildlife Service
Contact Name: 
Gillian Laird, grant facilitator U of Lethbridge. Email: | (403) 329-2101
Grant Amount: 
$100,000 per project is available. The maximum duration of a project is 36 months.
Grant Location: 
External Deadline: 
Friday, December 23, 2016
Grant Type: 
Grant Area: 
Natural Science
Grant Eligibility: