Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) - Infrastructure Operating Fund (IOF)

All Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) projects approved after July 1, 2001, are eligible to receive CFI Infrastructure Operating Funds (IOF). All eligible CFI projects generate an IOF allocation of 30 percent of the total finalized CFI contribution. IOF funds are allocated at the discretion of the University.

Eligible costs

  • Salaries (including benefits) of highly qualified personnel (technicians or professionals) directly involved in the operation and maintenance of the CFl-funded Infrastructure. The full salary of the highly qualified personnel may be eligible if the infrastructure cannot be operated without their assistance.
  • Training for the main operator(s) of the research infrastructure, not included in the infrastructure award. It is expected that the main operator(s) will train other users. Alternatively, a group training session may be provided by the vendor at the institution.
  • Extended warranties and/or service contracts not included in the infrastructure award
  • Extensions to warranty coverage and software licenses
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Replacement parts
  • Replacement of a CFI-funded Infrastructure Item needing repair, only if the replacement Is more cost effective than the repair (the replacement item must have similar functionality)
  • Services (e.g. electricity, security, cleaning) that directly support the CFI-funded equipment or CFI-funded constructed or renovated space (only the portion attributable to the CFI-funded Infrastructure is eligible)
  • Supplies and consumables needed to operate the research infrastructure (not to exceed 10 percent of the cumulative total IOF claimed by the institution)

Non-eligible costs

  • Purchase or lease of real properly
  • Cost of equipment, Installation and construction or renovation deemed eligible under an infrastructure award
  • Upgrades related to the infrastructure
  • Extended warranties and/or service contracts included in the Infrastructure award
  • Telephone, Internet and cable or satellite television services that are not necessary to ensure the infrastructure can be used for research
  • Insurance
  • Costs not directly related to the CFI-funded infrastructure (e.g. maintenance contract for equipment not acquired through a CFI-funded Infrastructure project that is eligible to receive IOF, services related to space for which the CFI has not funded the construction or renovation, etc.)
  • Trainee stipends (undergraduates, graduates and post-doctoral fellows) and researcher salaries
  • Administrative, secretarial or clerical personnel not directly related to the operation and maintenance of the Infrastructure (e.g. research services office, library and finance services)
  • Any cost to conduct research activities
  • Costs attributed to the dissemination of information such as promotion, publications or conferences, etc.
  • Expenditures reimbursed from another source

Where the incremental operating and/or maintenance costs of the project include eligible costs normally covered by central University budgets (e.g., healing, electricity, specialized servicing, security etc.), some portion of the IOF funds may be allocated to the central budget. Projects will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and notified in advance of the IOF application if this rule is applicable.

In the case of inter-institutional projects, funds will be allocated according to demonstrated need, normally not to exceed 30% of the CFI contribution attributed to each participating institution. This allocation will be negotiated and included as part of the required inter-institutional agreement.

Each year the University prepares a request to CFI to access IOF funds. Current eligible Project Leaders will be contacted by April 30 of each year to prepare a request as part of the University's next IOF budget submission to CFI.

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Canada Foundation for Innovation
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Penny D'Agnone
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Wednesday, May 15, 2019
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Natural Science
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