The Berggruen Prize

The goal of the Berggruen Institute's Philosophy and Culture Center is to develop fresh ideas through comparative and interdisciplinary work and relate these insights to the pressing issues of our day, will look at both the theory and the practice of ideas. We bring together the best possible minds from across cultural and political boundaries to explore the key questions of our time. Research. The Philosophy and Culture Center will regularly assemble workshops with a select group of scholars and thinkers (including artists, scientists, public officials) with expertise in different traditions and ethical perspectives to deliberate and write about key philosophical themes. The aim is to develop new ideas and produce cutting edge projects and publications of lasting value.


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Berggruen Institute
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Hector MacIntyre
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Each year we offer the Berggruen Prize, a $1 million award that recognizes humanistic thinkers whose ideas have helped us find direction, wisdom, and improved self-understanding in a world being rapidly transformed by profound social, technological, political, cultural, and economic change.
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Saturday, January 7, 2017
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