AHS Emergency SCN Summer Studentship

The Emergency Strategic Clinical Network Summer Studentship Award (ESCN-SSA) is designed to foster research interest in emergency medicine and related disciplines among students at the undergraduate level of study. It is the ESCN goal that this experience will stimulate an interest in acute care research or clinical practice in emergency medicine (i.e., nurse, physician, EMS, allied health professional) and related disciplines (e.g., public health, business, operations management, etc.). The award will fund up to 4 summer students and offers $6000 per student over 4 months between May and August 2018.

This Summer Studentship Award competition will serve to build research capacity within various domains of emergency medicine (e.g., medicine, nursing, pediatric emergency medicine, health services delivery, social determinants of health, disaster planning, allied health professionals). Through the results of the proposed research projects conducted by the students, this initiative will improve the quality of emergency medicine care delivery within the Health Quality Council of Alberta’s six domains of quality: appropriateness, accessibility, effectiveness, efficiency, safety, and acceptability.


  • Studentship applicants must be enrolled or accepted as a full-time student in an undergraduate program at an approved post-secondary academic institution;
  • The area of proposed research must be related to emergency medicine;
  • Candidates must be supervised or co-supervised by a faculty member at one of Alberta’s academic institutions;
  • Holders of other full-time, major studentship awards (e.g. CIHR, NSERC, AIHS, etc.) are ineligible for ESCN Studentship awards;
  • Each supervisor may have a maximum of two summer students sponsored by the competition. If there are sufficient applications, the number of awards will be limited to 1 per supervisor, and priority will be given to the highest rated applicant.

Distinguishing Research from Quality Improvement:

Research is "an undertaking intended to extend knowledge through a disciplined inquiry or systematic investigation" (Tri-Council Panel on Research Ethics, 2014). For clarity, research "Has a clearly stated research question [or questions], related to theory and existing literature in the field. [And m]ay test specific hypotheses through measurement of specific variables, or seek to understand a phenomenon" (adopted from Research Services, Dalhousie University, 2013).

"Quality assurance and quality improvement studies, program evaluation activities, and performance reviews, or testing within normal educational requirements when used exclusively for assessment, management or improvement purposes, do not constitute research" (Tri-Council Panel on Research Ethics, 2014 – emphasis added).

Only research projects are eligible for funding through the ESCN Summer Studentship Program.


Panel on Research Ethics. (2014). Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans. Government of Canada. http://www.pre.ethics.gc.ca/eng/policy- politique/initiatives/tcps2-eptc2/Default/

Research Services, Dalhousie University. 2013. Guidelines for differentiating among Research, Program Evaluation and Quality Improvement. https://www.dal.ca/content/dam/dalhousie/doc/research- services/Guidelines%20research%20PE%20QI%20(28%20Nov%202013).pdf

Relevant Topic Areas

Any proposed clinical, health services or population health research questions that have relevance to the ESCN will be eligible, except that CIHR Pillar 1 (basic science) projects will not be considered. Evaluation criteria can be found in the attached document.


The ESCN-SSA awardees must submit an interim progress report to the ESCN scientific office describing the progress that was made during the first two months of the studentship training (or to the midpoint of the research training period if the length of the proposed studentship is less than 4 months).

Students will submit a final progress report at the end of the award period (August 31, 2018). The final report will provide a summary of the research activities accomplished during the summer for the proposed research project(s).

Knowledge Dissemination

Synopses of the research studies conducted by the award recipients will be shared with the ESCN Core Committee and published both in ESCN newsletters and on the ESCN website. Students are encouraged to publish their research results in relevant peer-reviewed journals.


November 2017 Call for ESCN Undergraduate Summer Studentship

Feb 5, 2018 Applications Applications Due

Mar 31, 2018 Notification of Awards

Program Policies

1. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

2. Any unused funds at the end of the award term must be returned to the ESCN Scientific Office for use towards future studentship research funding opportunities.

3. Failure to submit a final report will disqualify the applicant and supervisor from future ESCN funding.

4. Important changes to the proposed study are permitted due to HREB and recruitment delays; however, they must be reported to the ESCN Scientific Office in a timely fashion.

5. The funding must be used for student salary and may not be used to fund the research


6. Students must be actively engaged in the research as full-time summer students. They cannot be attending school or employed in another full-time position at the same time they receive the ESCN summer studentship award.

7. Awardees are required to notify the Scientific Office of the ESCN about any publications or presentations derived from the work supported by the ESCN summer studentship award.

8. It is expected that ESCN summer studentship awardees include the following statement under the Acknowledgements section of the publication:

"Research reported in this publication was supported by the Alberta Health Services Emergency Strategic Clinical Network (ESCN). The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the views of the ESCN Scientific Office or Alberta Health Services".

How to Apply for Funding

Students should submit their completed application using the ESCN Summers Studentship Application Form (online at http://www.albertahealthservices.ca/scns/Page13008.aspx) in PDF format to Dr. Patrick McLane at patrick.mclane@albertahealthservices.ca no later than February 5, 2018.

Please indicate "2018 ESCN Studentship Application – Student Last Name" in the email subject line.

Successful applicants will be notified no later than March 31, 2018. For more information contact:

Dr. Patrick McLane, MA, PhD Assistant Scientific Director Emergency Strategic Clinical Network

e-mail: patrick.mclane@albertahealthservices.ca

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Alberta Health Services
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Each award will provide funding in the amount of $1500/month for a maximum of 4 months (May – August 2016). The maximum amount of a single award is $6000. The maximum amount of funds available for this competition is $24,000 (4 summer studentship awards). Awards are non- renewable.
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Monday, February 5, 2018
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