Grant Application & UNIWeb Tutorials

Welcome to the University of Lethbridge Office of Research and Innovation Services grant application tutorial page. This page will take you to our Microsoft Stream channel, where you will find short video tutorials to help you navigate the grant application process. These videos deal mainly with Tri-Agency council grants (NSERC, CIHR, SSHRC). Video topics range from creating a knowledge mobilization plan, budgeting, creating an HQP training plan, and more.

In addition to these grant tutorials, we have also created videos that explain how to use the UNIWeb system. UNIWeb is an online CV management tool that can help you prepare a CV for internal grant applications, as well as create an exportable format you can use to populate the Canadian Common CV. More information on UNIWeb can be found in our FAQ section.

These videos are hosted on Microsoft Stream. Clicking on a video heading will take you to the Stream site. You will have to log in with your university credentials to access the channel. As a companion to the videos, you are able to download a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation and script used for the corresponding video. Click on the "Text Version" link to the side of the video link you want to watch and it will open the file in SharePoint.

UNIWeb Tutorial Videos

General Grant Application Videos

NSERC Tutorial Videos

CIHR Tutorial Videos

SSHRC Tutorial Videos

Overview (Text Version)
Commercializing Your Research (Text Version)
HQP Training Plan (Text Version)
​Knowledge Translation (Text Version)
Literature Review (Text Version)
Backing Up Data
Knowledge Translation Step by Step Guide (Text Version)
Budgeting and Methodology (Forthcoming)
CCV Import (Text Version)
Student Training Plan (Forthcoming)
CCV Export (Text Version)
Knowledge Mobilization (Text Version)
Adding & Creating Research Interests (Forthcoming)

For more information on these videos or to suggest a topic please contact Penny D'Agnone at