Trainees: Students and Postdocs

Current Grad Students:

Jonathan Jarrett, "Vervet Monkey Development in Life Historical Perspective."

Anne Jones, "Understanding Pre-school Behaviour Through and Ecological Approach."

Dan Konecny, " Risk, Discourse & the Production of Adolescence within Parenting Guides."  

Shahina Parvin,  "Like Us, Secure Your Opportunity of Having a Child:  The Discourse of Arts in Bangladesh."

Elaine Toth, "Faith and Family: The Dutch Child Immigrant Experience."


Past Grad Students:

Deanna Forrester, “The Value of Children: Alloparenting in Samoa, a Natural Fertility Population.”

Shaneen Fox, "Violence and Silence: Blackfeet women and girls' experiences of residential schooling, 1940-1990."

Jess Parker, "Reproductive Decisions and Trade-Offs in Humans."

2015-2016  I-CYS Graduate Research Assistants:

Elaine Toth, MA student, History

Shahina Parvin, MA student, Sociology

Amy Mack, MA graduate, Anthropology

2013  I-CYS Graduate Research Assistants:

Jillian King, MA student, Anthropology

Student research projects supervised by I-CYS researchers:

Jillian King, “Child Immunization and Parental Choice: Safety Concerns and Risk Perception Among Canadian Parents and Practitioners,” Cheryl Currie & Steve Ferzacca, co-supervisors.

Erica Graham, “When It Falls Apart: Lessons in Cross Cultural Collaboration in Anthropology,” Jan Newberry, supervisor.

Karissa Patton, “Community, Contraception, and Controversy: A History of the Lethbridge Birth Control and Information Centre in the 1970s,” Carol Williams and Janay Nugent, co-supervisors. 

Jennifer Jenson, “Bringing up Good Babies: An Ethnography of Moral Apprenticeship in Saraguro,” Louise Barrett and Jan Newberry, co-supervisors.

Élyane Lacasse, “Early Intervention in the Context of Opokaa'sin: Relations of Power and Understandings of Childhood within the Local Aboriginal Community of Lethbridge,” Jan Newberry, supervisor.

Laura Richardson, “Local Aboriginal Perceptions on Childhood and Ideas of ‘Success’ within an Early Childhood Intervention Setting,” Jan Newberry, supervisor.

Dustin Grue, “School Story Traditions and Develoments,” Elizabeth Galway, supervisor.