I-CYS Writing Fellows

Become an I-CYS Writing Fellow for a week during the summer! This call is ongoing and we accept up to 3 writing fellows per summer. 

What we offer:

  • A place to write
  • Scholars to network with
  • Students to liaise with
  • An opportunity to present and receive feedback on work in progress

While we can't offer reimbursement of any kind, past writing fellows have truly enjoyed the change of scenery to write, and some time to spend with I-CYS members and students for intellectual exchange. We ask you to write a brief blog post about your time with I-CYS at the end of your stay. 

To learn more or to apply for a writing fellow position (please a short bio and picture), contact icys@uleth.ca

View our 2016 Writing Fellow Report by Dr. Mary-Ann Shantz!