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Campus Alberta Innovates Program (CAIP) Chairs

The Government of Alberta created the CAIP Chairs as part of its Campus Alberta collaborative initiative. The Chairs align with the four strategic priority areas of the Alberta Innovates Corporations and Alberta Advanced Education and Technology: Energy and Environment, Food and Nutrition, Neuroscience/Prions, and Water.  This program is designed to recruit new research leaders to Alberta in the aforementioned areas.

Dr. Christopher Hopkinson
CAIP Chair in Terrestrial Ecosystem Remote Sensing
Department of Geography
Appointed March 2013

Dr. Greg Pyle
CAIP Chair in Aquatic Health
Department of Biological Sciences
Appointed January 2013

Dr. Majid Mohajerani
CAIP Chair in Brain Health and Dementia
Department of Neuroscience
Appointed October 2013

Dr. Nehalkumar (Nehal) Thakor
CAIP Chair in Synthetic Biology and RNA-based systems
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Term: 2014 - 2021