Business Opportunities for Industry

The University of Lethbridge intellectual property portfolio continues to grow with innovative solutions and technologies to meet your needs. If you are interested in partnering with researchers to further develop current or future innovations, the UILO team is interested in exploring new opportunities with you.

For more information about possible partnerships or to discuss other research opportunities you're interested in, please conact the UILO


The UILO strives to balance the University's need to derive a reasonable financial return on its early risk investment to preserve and add value to early technology opportunities with the needs of our industry partners to secure licensing terms that are flexible and respect the requirements of different market realities.

The UILO is an active member of:

Exclusive licensing arrangements have a higher potential value than non-exclusive licensing arrangements, and therefore, licensing terms for each carry difference expectations and obligations. Example Terms include:

Parties, Term, Exclusivity, Territory, Licensed Technology/Product, Field of Use, Assignment, Sub-license, Co-supply, Co-Marketing, Co-Development, Milestones/Performance, Compensation Payments, Warranties/Representations, Termination, Indemnities.