Faculty research is supported by provincial, national, and international agencies and foundations. In 2017, the U of L received the following new funding (listed alphabetically by funding agency):

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Alberta Health Services

Recipient Affiliation Project Program Value Co-applicant(s)
Currie, Cheryl Health Sciences Addressing cancer risk among First Nations adults through trauma-infomred interventions: A randomized controlled trial. Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund $500,000

S. Christenson (Kainai Nation)
R. Kizuk (Palliser Medical Clinic)
E. Mason (RA, Health Sciences)
L. Prenoslo (Kainai Nation)
S. Bourque (MSc, Univ Lethbridge)
J. Barnes (MSc, Univ Lethbridge)

Leung, Brenda Health Sciences Exploring the metnal healthcare needs of children in Alberta. Maternal Newborn Child & Youth Strategic Clinical Network (MNCY SCN) $48,535  



Alberta Innovates Health Solutions

Award Recipient Project Value Supervisor
Summer Studentship Babtunde, Stella   $6,000 Metz, Gerlinde
Summer Studentship Chadwick, Caylin   $6,000 Mhajerani, Majid
Summer Studentship Davis, Erin   $6,000 Caspar, Sienna
Summer Studentship Dueck, Elijah   $6,000 Kothe, Ute
Summer Studentship Patel, Harshil   $6,000 McDonald, Robert
Summer Studentship Rocca, Daniel   $6,000 Wieden, HJ
Summer Studentship Southam, Cormac   $6,000 Metz, Gerlinde

Alberta Prion Research Institute (Alberta Innovates)

Recipient Affiliation Project Value Co-applicant(s)
Mohajerani, Majid Neuroscience Probing the impact of noradrenergic circuit and its role in resetting excitaiton/inhibition balance in Alzheimer's disease. $199,950 Dr. Robert McDonald (Neuroscience)


Branch Out Neurological Foundation 

Award Recipient Project Value Supervisor
Undergraduate Award Janet Poplawski Correlates between stress-induced neurophysiological changes and behavioural, morphological, and metabolic changes in a mouse model. $6,000 Metz, Gerlinde
Graduate Award        


Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Recipient Affiliation Project Program Value Co-applicant(s)
Lee, Bonnie Health Sciences Training addiction and mental health counsellors in couples systems intervention. Prairie CRISM Node $15,000  
Kothe, Ute Chemistry & Biochemistry 11th International Ribosome Synthesis Conference Planning & Dissemination Grant $10,000 S. Abou Elela (Universite de Sherbrooke)
D. Lafontaine (Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)
T. Meier (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York)
J. Ortega (McGill University)
Marasco, Olivia Chemistry & Biochemistry Modeling the mechanism of translation control of ATF4 by upstream open reading frames under normal and stressful physiological conditions. Summer Studentship Award $5,000 Roussel, Marc & Thakor, Nehalkumar (Chem & Biochem)
McNamee, Chloe Health Sciences CIHR Travel Award CIHR Travel Award $1,000 Witcher, Chad (Health Sciences)

City of Lethbridge

Recipient Affiliation Project Value Co-applicant(s)
Harrowing, Jean Health Sciences Poverty and its effects among post-secondary students: A mixed-methods study. $5,000

E. Pijl (Health Sciences)
Rev.E. Philips (Chaplaincy, Univ Lethbridge


National Institutes of Health Research

Recipient Affiliation Project Value Co-applicant(s)
Vasey, Paul Psychology Meta-Analysis of Male Sexual Orientation $141,756 A. Sanders (Northshore University Health System, Illinois)


Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Award Holder Department Funding Program Project Value Duration
Mary Kavanagh Art Insight Grant Atomic Tourist: Trinity $147,519 4 years
Catherine Kingfisher Anthropology Insight Grant Expanding Policies of Wellbeing: A Participatory Ethnographic Analysis of Urban Collective
Housing Communities in Tokyo and Vancouver
$106,810 4 years
Fangfang Li Psychology Insight Grant Speech production in children enrolled in second language education programs $151,495 4 years
Yutao Li Finance Insight Development Grant An Investigation of Banks’ Lending Network $39,078 2 years
Josie Mills Art Gallery Connection Grant You Are Here: an interdisciplinary workshop and knowledge mobilization program $48,000 1 year
Daniel P. O'Donnell English Partnership Development Grant Future Commons $200,000 2 years
Paul Vasey Psychology Insight Grant Inter-sexual mate competition in three cultures $141,756 4 years
Carol Williams Women and Gender Studies Insight Grant Kainai women's activism in treaty 7 territory 1968 to 1990: contemporary histories of social change $121,329 3 years




University of Lethbridge: Chinook Summer Research Awards

Recipient Project Value Supervisor
Barr, Kaitlin Indigenizing federalism: Institutionalizing Aboriginal self-government in the post-charter era $5,625 Belanger, Yale
Beck, Chad Investigating prairie plant extracts for novel activities against human cancer cells $5,625 Golsteyn, Roy
Buchan, Marrissa Neural basis of gambling addiction in an animal model $5,625 Euston, David
Cheredaryk, Keara Understanding the target specificity of guide RNAs $5,625 Kothe, Ute
Cote, Vincent Issue tracking plug-in bug report assignment recommendation $5,625 Anvik, John
Farrell, Celine Reducing moral distress in nursing providers of dementia care: Knowledge to Action in continuing care $5,625 Spenceley, Shannon
Fowosere, Bola Cause-related marketing $5,625 Runte, Mary
Giles, Carly Campaign against reproductive anatomy and the fetal rights movement in Southern Alberta $5,625 Williams, Carol
Guyn, Owen Etiology and neuromechanical basis of increased incidence of ACL damage in the non-dominant limb $5,625 Doan, Jon
Huber, Anthony Cryogenic thermal and mechanical properties of carbon fibre reinforced polymers $5,625 Naylor, David
Kazakoff, Thomas Studies in political friendship $5,625 Von Heyking, John
Khan, Kashif Binary codes from biangular lines in IRn $5,625 Kharaghani, Hadi
Lelekach, Marisa Are there sex differences in the development of ultrasonic vocalizations in rodents? $5,625 Gibb, Robbin
Loman, Michele Motivation for reading among adolescents $5,625 Bright, Robin
Maclean, Davis Psychophysical examination of expert lifting teams $5,625 Doan, Jon
Nguyen, Vicky Survey-based research, simulation and case analysis project $5,625 Gonzalez, George
Olsen, Justin Protein translation regulation during integrated stress response $5,625 Thakor, Nehal
Petersson, Jamie Effect of targeted memory reactivation during non-REM sleep on procedural memory consolidation $5,625 Tatsuno, Masami
Sanghavi, Prachi Effect of stress on severity of Multiple Sclerosis $5,625 Metz, Gerlinde
Smith, Brigitte Minority official language promotion in education in Canada and Cameroon: A comparative analysis $5,625 Takam, Alain
St.Jean, Dillon Metaphysics in world philosophy $5,625 Peacock, Kent
Thomas, Britanie Predictors of shared decision making and patient engagement in community-based health care settings $5,625 Leung, Brenda
Villanueva, Alexa Point of sale cause marketing: The impact of fellow customers and basket size on donation behaviour $5,625 Basil, Debra
Wittig, Chelsea Expanding policies of happiness: An ethnographic analysis of urban collective housing communities $5,625 Kingfisher, Catherine
Wood, Maya Effects of maternal preconception nicotine and environment on brain and behaviour in adolescent offspring $5,625 Gibb, Robbin


University of Lethbridge: University of Lethbridge Research Fund (ULRF)

Recipient Affiliation Project Value Co-applicant(s)
Belanger, Yale Political Science Evaluating the Urban Aboriginal Non-Market Housing Experience in Calgary $5,998  
Bomhof, Marc Kinesiology Combining prebiotics with exercise: a post-exercise dietary strategy for regulating appetite $12,000 Copeland, Jennifer
Ermus, Cindy History The Great European Plague Scare of 1720: A Global History of the Plague of Provence $6,000  
Hayes, Paul Chemistry & Biochemistry Metal Complexes of Phosphasalen Ligands $6,000  
Lee, Bonnie Health Science The Other Side of the Coin: Relational Processes Underlying Congruence Couple Therapy Outcomes in Gambling Treatment $12,000 Yanicki, Sharon
Patel, Trushar Chemistry & Biochemistry Towards Understanding the Role of Zyxin in Prostate Cancer $12,000 Wieden, Hans-Joachim
Pope, Paige Kinesiology Initial Validation and Testing of Physical Activity Promotion Messages tailored to stages of change and goal orientation $6,000  
Roussel, Marc Chemistry & Biochemistry On the mechanism of translation control by upstream open reading frames $12,000 Thakor, Nehal
Schultz, Elizabeth Biological Sciences Assessing transcriptional response of vein pattern genes to ABA $6,000  
Smither, Devon Fine Arts Duration and Unfinish in Pegi Nicol MacLeod's Self-Portraits"; Exhibition Proposal: Pegi Nicol MacLeod and Amy Wong $6,000  
Witcher, Chad Health Science The Availability of Physical Activity Opportunities and Efforts to Reduce Sedentary Behaviour in Long Term Care and Supportive Living Facilities in Alberta $5,951  
Zhang, John Math & Computer Science Improving Music Genre Classification through Association Analysis $6,000  



Western North-western Region Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (WNRCASN)

Recipient Affiliation Project Value Co-applicant(s)
Sedgwick, Monique Health Sciences An analysis of undergraduate student nurses' moral sensitivity during simulation. $5,000