Faculty research is supported by provincial, national, and international agencies and foundations. In 2016, the U of L received the following new funding (listed alphabetically by funding agency):

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Alberta Innovates Health Solutions

Award Recipient Department Project Value
Summer Studentship Amatto, Lindsay Paternal Alcohol Exposure: Does a Washout Period Reduce Observed Deficits in Offspring? $6,000 working with Robbin Gibb (Neuroscience)
Summer Studentship Chan, Rachael The Effects of Prenatal Stress on Immune Activation and the Severity of Multiple Sclerosis in an Animal Model $6,000 working with Gerlinde Metz (Neuroscience); high school student
Summer Studentship Chua, Kate Selective Inactivation of Hippocampus and Consolidation of Long-term Memory $6,000 working with Rob Sutherland (Neuroscience)
Summer Studentship Farfus, Allison Role of Epigenetic Changes in Chemoresistance of Cancer Cells $6,000 working with Olga Kovalchuk (Biological Sciences)
Summer Studentship Guyn, Owen Low Dose Radiation-induced Epigenetic Changes in an Animal Model $6,000 working with Olga Kovalchuk (Biological Sciences)
Summer Studentship Lelekach, Marisa Maternal Preconception Stress: Effects on Offspring Brain and Behaviour $6,000 Working with Bryan Kolb (Neuroscience)
Summer Studentship Niehaus, Claire Differences in MR T2 Measures in Placental Transfer and in utero Offspring Exposure to Valproic Acid $6,000 working with Robbin Gibb (Neuroscience)
Summer Studentship Patel, Mukt Capturing Neural Dynamics of Epilepsy: A Road to Understanding, Seizure Prediction and Novel Treatments $6,000 Working with Majid Mohajerani (Neuroscience)
Summer Studentship Rocca, Daniel Biochemical Analysis of the BRCA1/BARD1 Complex Associated ATPase OLA1 $6,000 working with HJ Wieden (Chemistry & Biochemistry)


University of Lethbridge: University of Lethbridge Research Fund (ULRF)

Recipient Affiliation Project Value Co-applicant(s)
Asselin, Jodie Anthropology Women’s Outdoor and Rural Skill Acquisition in Western Canada: motivations and outcomes $6,000  
Baulkaran, Vishaal Management Board Diversity: An Analysis of the Market Reaction to the Gender Diversity Rules for TSX Listed Companies $6,000  
Benkoczi, Robert Math & Computer Science Facility location problems in dynamic networks $6,000  
Bonnaventure, Philip Geography High Arctic Microclimatic Hotspot Assessment, Cape Bounty, Nunavut $6,000  
Cooley, Dana New Media Fortune Teller $5,999.42  
Copeland, Jennifer Kinesiology & Phys Ed. The effect of increasing sedentary time on C Reactive Protein $6,000  
Currie, Cheryl Health Sciences Exploring the Role of a University in Decolonization & Indigenous Student Empowerment $12,000 Linda Many Guns
Dahle, Dagmar Art Berlin Monuments: Flora Past Time $6,000  
Ermus, Cindy History The Great European Plague Scare of 1720: A Global History of the Plague of Provence $6,000  
Hodes, Caroline Women & Gender Studies Rights, Bodies, Locke and the Law: Challenges to Reconciliation in Canada $5,842  
Kingfisher, Catherine Anthropology The Social Production of Well being in Urban Collective Housing Communities: a Comparative Ethnography of Non-individualistic Approaches to Happiness $6,000  
Leca, Jean-Baptiste Psychology The hows and whys of non-adaptive cultural behaviors in macaques $6,000  
MacDonald, Heidi History Atlantic Canadian Women, Suffrage, and Human Rights $6,000  
Pijl Zieber, Mark Health Sciences How are patient perceptions of their quality of life influenced by their engagement with the programming of the Alberta Health Services - South Zone Heart Function Clinic? $6,000 Peter Kellett & Alberta Health Services
Popov, Alexey Math & Computer Science Invariant Subspaces in Spaces of Analytic Functions $6,000  
Predoi-Cross, Adriana Physics & Astronomy Spectroscopy of Hot Carbon-Bearing Molecular Constituents $6,000  
Stewart, D. Andrew Music Recording Project & Composition-Performance Workshop at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México $4,482