Office of Research Services

Research Services provides assistance and advice on sponsored research, research contracts and other research activities.  Research Services also works closely with government agencies and private sector industries to further advance research activities on campus. Research Services provides the following services:

Grant Preparation and Administration (pre- and post-award)

  • Developing research funding strategies.
  • Facilitating collaborative projects.
  • Informing researchers about funding opportunities.
  • Providing information on funding agencies and their regulations.
  • Providing access to peer reviewers, mentorship opportunities and grantsmanship resources.
  • Preparing, reviewing, negotiating, and authorizing research contracts.
  • Liaising and troubleshooting with granting agencies on behalf of faculty and students.
  • Providing institutional signatures.
  • Administering internal funding programs.
  • Conducting institutional review of applications and providing feedback to researchers.
  • Ensuring all post-award requirements are met and authorizing the opening of research funds.
  • Developing, reviewing and submitting major institutional applications to CFI, CRC, and ASRIP.
  • Receiving and processing notices of awards.
  • Facilitating the transfer of existing funds from other institutions to the University of Lethbridge, and vice versa.
  • Providing on-going award administration


  • Facilitating information sessions on granting agencies and funding programs.

Communications and Public Relations

  • Distributing funding results to the university community
  • Writing and submitting nominations for external awards.
  • Promoting the office and University by organizing and hosting research promotion events, and by sitting on external boards.
  • Communicating research news and achievements through print and electronic resources.

Undergraduate Student Fellowships and Scholarships

  • Drafting guidelines, soliciting applications, assisting applicants, attending selection committee meetings, and confirming awards.
  • Preparing and authorizing payroll authorization forms for student awards.

In addition, Research Services provides administrative support to committees that review and approve research involving animals and human subjects.