We asked, they answered. We asked researchers five questions about their research:

  1. What first piqued your interest in your research discipline?
  2. How is your research applicable in “the real world?”
  3. What is the greatest honour you have received in  your career?
  4. How important are students to your research endeavours?
  5. If you had unlimited funds, which areas of research would you invest?

Their answers are found in the following pages.

  • Dr. Carly Adams (Kinesiology & Physical Education) researches the history of sport in Alberta.
  • Dr. Olu Awosoga (Addictions Counselling) applies meta analysis and statistics to the study of health research.
  • Dr. Henning Bjornlund (Economics) strives to answer questions about how we should allocate water between competing users, how to reallocate from existing users to new users, how to meet the increasing need of the environment, what the socioeconomic impacts are of changing the current allocation of water and how to design policies to minimize such impacts.
  • Dr. Sarah Boon (Geography) studies snow and glacier melt contributions to surface and subsurface runoff generation from mountain regions, and how these contributions are affected by both forest disturbance and climate change.
  • Dr. Tanya Drollinger (Management) explores celebrity endoresments in advertising.
  • Dr. Elizabeth Galway (English) researches the written word and how it is used in children’s literature from the nineteenth century and early twentieth century.
  • Dr. Roy Golsteyn (Biological Sciences) examines how cancer cells respond to cancer treatments.
  • Dr. Claudia Gonzalez (Kinesiology & Physical Education) studies how the brain connects vision and motor skills, such as hand movements.
  • Dr. Aaron Gruber (Neuroscience) investigates the neural basis of attention and decision making in complex environments.
  • Dr. Paul Hayes (Chemistry and Biochemistry) studies synthetic and mechanistic organometallic chemistry with a particular focus on the development of new chemical transformations and catalysis.
  • Dr. Sharleen Hoar (Kinesiology & Physical Education) explores emotional development of children and adolescents through participation in sport and physical activity
  • Dr. Andrew Iwaniuk (Neuroscience) researches the neural and behavioural effects of chemical exposure.
  • Dr. Judith Kulig (Health Sciences) focuses on the health of rural communities, namely community resiliency, unique populations living in rural areas and rural professional practice.
  • Dr. Bonnie Lee (Addictions Counselling) designs innovative treatment for addictions.
  • Dr. Claudia Malacrida (Sociology) researches sociology of the body, disability and sexuality, and childbirth practices across Alberta.
  • Dr. Susan McDaniel (Prentice Institute for Global Population & Economy) studies socio-economic change as contexts for our life course experiences and opportunities.
  • Dr. Carmen Mombourquette (Education) specializes in educational leadership.
  • Dr. David Naylor (Physics & Astronomy) is an experimental astrophysicist. He is playing major roles in two large astronomy initiatives, one space-based (SPIRE) and the other ground-based (SCUBA2).
  • Dr. Sergio Pellis (Neuroscience) studies play to examine the relationship between brain and behaviour during development.
  • Dr. Nicole Rosen (Modern Languages) studies language and language contact on the prairies.
  • Dr. Arlan Schultz (Music) is a composer and researcher in the areas of music technology and music theory.
  • Dr. Shelley Scott (Theatre & Dramatic Arts) writes about plays by Canadian women and researches feminist theatres in Canada.
  • Dr. Blythe Shepard (Education) researches Life-Career Development with a focus on rural populations; Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder; Counsellor Training and Supervision; Qualitative Research Methods.
  • Dr. Ute Wieden-Kothe (Chemistry & Biochemistry) studies how proteins and RNAs work together to build complicated cellular machines.
  • Dr. Carol Williams (History and Women & Gender Studies) is an interdisciplinary scholar specializing in Women's Studies, North American and European Women's History, and contemporary Native American women's history.
  • Dr. Stephen Wismath (Mathematics & Computer Science) researches the design and analysis of efficient algorithms.
  • Dr. Shelly Wismath (Mathematics & Computer Science) researches Universal or General Algebra.