What We Heard

The Recruitment and Retention Project Team conducted focus groups and surveys, as well as met with each Faculty and Department representatives on campus.  All those involved were very generous with their time and provided comments as to how our University can help our learners succeed to graduation.  Many comments were heard from multiple sources.  Many innovative ideas were generated and can be acted upon with several resulting projects. 

The information was collected for our Recruitment and Retention Project as part of our due diligence for continuous improvement.  The information has been summarized to assist the various stakeholders in the University community to determine future action, whether it be for immediate implementation or for determining the need for additional research. 

Focus groups included:

  • Prospective Learners
  • Continuing Learners
  • Graduate Learners
  • Employees
  • Faculty members
  • Unit/management presentations including student associations

In addition, several surveys have been conducted by Institutional Analysis and it is recommended the findings of those surveys be taken into consideration for any future actions.

We are continuously listening and seeking input.  Please feel free to contact us with any ideas you may have concerning increased success in our recruiting and retention activities!  We would be happy to discuss what we heard from the various focus groups and presentations to aid campus departments in their efforts to help our learners succeed.