We Are Listening!

In spring, 2010, we invited and heard from student groups, current and potential learners, employee groups and each University department regarding suggestions for a more relevant, learner focused institution.  Many similar suggestions resulted, all reaching toward a culture that supports learner success with a focus on graduation.  We are now conducting an analysis of these suggestions to determine those ideas that can be implemented and aligned with our Strategic Plan.  A multi-criteria approach will be used to determine projects to be pursued based on impact, urgency, ease of implementation, and resource implications.

The U of L will continue to hold focus groups and conduct surveys of its stakeholders and constituents to gain better insight into our processes for benchmarking and continuous improvement for our learner focused community. 

We do this to continually follow our vision to be the institution of choice for those seeking an intimate and supportive environment, excellence in research and creative activity, an engaging and challenging learning experience, and respect for diversity.

We invite you to provide us with suggestions for success!

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